Saturday, November 20, 2010

Red Robin #17

Overall: This isn't going to be an easy comic to review since so much happened in it, but complaining about things won't get this review taken care of. So let's get to it! We kick things off with Red Robin(Tim Drake)heading to Hong Kong to touch base with his contact there, the former Batgirl, Cassandra Cain(?!). Tim asks Cassandra if she was able to discover the truth about Lynx and her claim that she was an undercover member of the Hong Kong police department sent to infiltrate a Chinese gang in Gotham, but Cassandra wasn't able to dig up much useful information. After some pleasantries, Tim heads back to Gotham and meets up with his old friend Ives(!). The two talk about school and such before Tim heads to the hospital where he speaks with the former Anarky, Lonnie Machin. Lonnie is still paralyzed thanks to the actions of the current Anarky, but Tim asks Lonnie to become his own personal hacker, which Lonnie accepts. Lonnie discovers that the Hong Kong PD did indeed have three undercover officers who could possibly fit Lynx's profile, however, the files were inconclusive as to the whereabouts of these officers. With Lynx about to be sent to the INS by the Gotham Police Department, Tim decides to rescue her from custody, just in case she was indeed an undercover cop. As thanks for rescuing her, Lynx plants a big ol' kiss on Tim, who enjoys the moment before he realizes that he's Tim Drake, and as such pushes her away. Lynx takes off, and Tim is met on the rooftop by the recently returned Bruce Wayne(Batman, duh!). The two talk about their plans and what had gone on in Bruce's absence before sharing an embrace, with this issue ending the way it should have, with Bruce and Tim swinging off the rooftop together.

Yeah, the sappy, sentimental part of me really liked this issue. A lot. I mean as a huge fan of Tim Drake(I DID read his ENTIRE series a few months back), I really enjoyed seeing Tim interact with Cassandra and Ives, two characters who played a big role at one time or another in the old Robin series. And the embrace with Bruce? I won't lie, it brought a big, dopey smile on my face. In a weird way, a lot happened here, although nothing REALLY happened... Confusing, no? I mean Tim did a lot of stuff, but with the exception of springing Lynx, none of the stuff that happened in this issue means all that much going forward. It was nice seeing Tim interact with Ives, Cassandra, Lonnie and Bruce, but storywise, nothing important really went down here. So this issue was more or less written for us Tim Drake fans. And as a fan of Tim Drake, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this issue.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.:-)


  1. I also really liked this issue, and I ALSO caught your little joke about Tim's mysterious sexual preferences, Lol.

    I'm really loving how Lynx is written so far, and I LOVED seeing Cass Cain show up, so I hope we see more of her soon.

  2. Yeah, I saw that you gave it a 9 I believe, so we were def on the same page here. I couldn't help myself with the Tim/Lynx kiss comment. It's like he was enjoying it until he realized he's Tim Drake and he CAN'T enjoy any sort of intamacy!

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of Cassandra, but I liked the way Fabian touched bases with so many characters who had been important to TIm. The only thing missing was a run in with Steph.

  3. The fact that Lynx is his Catwoman makes me wonder if Lynx was the shrouded figure that hangs with Ra's in some of the other issues, not sure if you read them or not though.

    I like Cass basically due to her character development in Titans East with Slade, also the fact she gave up the mantle to Steph and was adamant about Steph staying Batgirl in this issue made me like her even more. Plus she's often ignored, like Jason Todd is.

  4. I know bruce and tim are father/son, but that last picture looks like all those fanfic images people post to Tumblr of characters acting gay together.

  5. Nah, I didn't read any of the Yost Red Robin stuff, so this talk of a shrouded figure with Ra's is news to me!

    And to Kello, all I can say is this, :/