Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Comic Day! November 17th Edition.

Howdy all, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for another installment of New Comic Day! Yes, New Comic Day, the post where I tell all of you which comics I picked up today, as well as which ones I'm most, and least, looking forward to reading. As always, before taking care of this week, I first need to take a look back at last week's NCD post. Last week I promised 11 new reviews before this week's NCD post, and I managed a lofty 16 reviews, so yet again I managed to beat last week's prediction, so yay me!

Now, before I get to what books I picked up this week, there's some business I want to take care of first... Earlier this week I posted my first X-Files post. After thinking about it for a few days I decided I don't the X-Files name... Yep, that's me, quite fickle. So I'll either go with X's Xtras(as suggested by Kello), or I'll just go back to calling those posts the Best of the Rest. So if you see a Best of the Rest post again, you'll know why.

So that takes care of the housekeeping aspect of this post. Now let's get to the main event, today's new comics! I picked up, Thunderbolts #150, X-Men #5, Zatanna #7, X-23 #3, Osborn #1, Batman Incorporated #1, Batman: The Return #1, Avengers #7, Brightest Day #14, Supergirl #58 & Superman/Batman #78. This week's pick of the litter? Um... Hmm... I'm not really eager to read any of these books actually! I guess if my arm was twisted and I was forced to choose one book, I'd probably go with X-Men #5, since, against my better judgment, I'm actually enjoying the whole, “X-Men vs Vampires” storyline. As for the runt of the litter, well THAT'S easy! Brightest Day #14, hands down! I am NOT looking forward to cracking THAT comic open! To be honest with you, if I score Brightest Day #14 higher than a 4 I'll be absolutely shocked! 11 new comics means you can expect me to bust out 11 new reviews by the time next week's NCD post rolls around. That's about all I've got for tonight, thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments, and X out.


  1. Is it that time already?! Wooo New Comic Day!! Nice work on posting 16 comics. You're definitely a good one for that.

    And not going with X-files eh? And I thought women couldn't make up their mind. ;) But whatever you decide to name it, meeeh who cares we're here for the good stuff, the reviewing!!!

    I am looking forward to your reviews for Zatanna #7, Batman Incorporated #1, Batman: The Return #1,Brightest Day #14 (another X-Man rant :).

    And before I go, JT told me to let ya know he's been MIA due to his net being down for the moment. But He should be back tomorrow and ready to talk mess like he always do!! :)

    Can't wait for the reviews X!

  2. HA, yeah, you women aren't the only ones who can't make up their minds, Lisha! :P I liked the X-Files name originally, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. Go figure!

    This issue of Zatanna isn't written by Paul Dini, so I'm not looking as forward to it as usual. Hopefully it's still a good solid read though. And you KNOW BD #14 will provide us with another fun, venom filled X-Rant! :D

    Ahh, I was wondering where JT had gotten off to! I figured he was worn out from that job and that's why he's been MIA. Good to know he'll be back piling up the comments again soon!

  3. Lol. It's funny I said that women can't make up their minds, because I've decided to do something with my blog, do a complete 360. Lol.

    And as for Zatanna, I read it today....I don't know what to say. Lol. I can't wait to read your review to see if I'm the only one thinking it was horrible.

    And JT should be back and running tomorrow. Trust me he'll have PLENTY to say. Lol.

  4. HA! Well, those two sketches you gave us after your blog's relaunch were pretty awesome! Hopefully we can get another sweet Huntress sketch by Dec. 1st? :P

    Wow, I read it last night, and I actually enjoyed it! A lot! :D I don't know when I'll be able to get the review up(hopefully Sat.)thanks to having TONS of HW due right before Thanksgiving break, but yeah, I'm surprised you didn't like it, Lisha!

    "Trust me he'll have PLENTY to say." Doesn't he always? ZING!!! :D

  5. Yes, yes I DO, because us "known super-geniuses" are the type to leave a ton of comments. Any word on who's taking over for JMS yet?

  6. "known super-geniuses" Sheesh, what was I thinking... :P

    Not that I know of. But then again, you know I get most of my comic related news from you, so I should be asking you that question, JT! :D

  7. You were thinking, "Man that JT is one super genius, oh how I wish I could be a fraction of the intelligent young man he is." :D

    Just checked buddy and "Writer G. Willow Wilson will return to SUPERMAN with a new “Grounded” tale in issue #706, illustrated by artist Amilcar Pinna."

    Doomsday will first make his presence known this January in STEEL #1 - but I can promise you, he won’t be the only hero facing Doomsday’s wrath for long. The story will continue with:

    Part 2: OUTSIDERS #37
    Part 4: SUPERBOY #6
    Part 5: … ????

  8. "You were thinking, "Man that JT is one super genius, oh how I wish I could be a fraction of the intelligent young man he is." " Yeah, um, no... :D

    Cool, I really liked the issue of Supes written by that guy(girl?)so I have no problems there, well except for the fact that we're still doing the whole stupid, "I'm Supes and I'm takin' a walk!" thing.

    That all sounds interesting... I'm kind of surprised Steel is getting a new series, but I'll def give it a shot. I really enjoyed his parts during the Mon-El Superman issues.

  9. Lol you don't have to lie X, it's okay to envy my genius.

    Haha, it's a woman apparently, and you may be alone in that. Everyone at the DC blog seems to HATE the issue she did, with a PASSION... so this should be interesting.

    It may just be a one shot, I'm not sure. If it is a series I'll probably give it a try, only because, as we discussed, there aren't a lot of Black Superheroes with their own series, worth reading anyway.

  10. "Lol you don't have to lie X, it's okay to envy my genius." I know I said it before, but it bears repeating, um, yeah, no... :D

    Could just be a bunch of JMS fanboys. I mean, I enjoyed it more than the previous couple of Supes books at least. But it was just one issue, so until I've seen some more of this womans(?)work, I can't really judge one way or the other.

    Yeah, I'd be down with giving a Steel book a try. I've always found him to be an interesting character, so yeah, I don't see why DC doesn't do more with him.

  11. Lol see, it's reasons like this that I won't let you in on my vast knowledge.

    Nah, they hated JMS too. Someone said people could come take the issues off his porch and have them, someone else said they used em to line their

    Good point, I really liked the story with his niece during 52.

  12. *shakes head*

    Maybe they just hate everything? :/

    Yeah, the stuff with Lex and his niece in 52 was awesome, as was some of his appearances during James Robinson's Superman run. Especially towards the end with Mon-El and Guardian.

  13. So in other words, they're how you are to Geoff Johns? :P Lol

    What is Mon El doing now because I haven't seen that Daxamite in a while.

  14. Basically, yeah. :D

    He was trapped back in the Phantom Zone or something similarly stupid. I think he did knock some chick up before he went away though. But going into the Phantom Zone to avoid being a father seems kind of extreme to me... :P