Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fantastic Four #584

Overall: The Thing decides to take the potion the Future Foundation kids created for him, which in theory is supposed to allow him to turn human once a week every year. He asks the Human Torch to hang around him while he takes the potion in case something goes horribly wrong, which Johnny agrees to do, and Thing drinks the potion... And it works! Instead of looking like a misshapen rock monster, Thing actually reverts back to being Ben Grimm again. With Ben finally looking human(after 49 some odd years), Johnny offers to take him out on the town, which Ben readily agrees to. In the meanwhile, Mr. Fantastic sees his wife, the Invisible Woman, off as she hops a plane to meet with Namor to deal with some Atlantian issues. Back with Ben and Johnny, they hit the town, hang out with their fellow heroes, watch a Giants game(Let's go Giants!!!), go to a bar, beat up the Yancy Street Gang and Ben ends the night by paying a visit to Alicia, who is happy for Ben. Sue lands on Utopia(AKA evil mutie island)and meets up with Namor, who naturally hits on Sue, because he's Namor and he's awesome. Back at the Baxter Building, the Silver Surfer confronts Reed about the dead Galactus from the future he discovered buried in the Earth, and Reed offers to explain to the Surfer what the story was with that. Unfortunately for Reed, it's not the Surfer who wants to hear Reed's explanation, but a very unhappy Galactus!

Mmm, now things are starting to heat up here! We all know that one of the members of the Fantastic Four will die within a few issues(I mean right on the cover it says, “Countdown to Casualty”!)and with the way the team is spread out, it could be any one of them... Reed is alone with an angry Galactus, who could blink and eye and revert Reed into a bunch of atoms, Ben is no longer the Thing, which is great for him, but leaves him highly vulnerable to any potential attacks, especially since he's traveling with Johnny, who is a well known public figure, and then you have Sue, who is trying to help Namor broker peace between warring factions of Atlantians... So yeah, right now anything could happen, which makes for some very good and suspenseful reading.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Namor, you rule!!!


  1. I had to wait to read this post, X-Man, but now that I got my grubby mitts on the issue, I can whole heartedly agree with everything you said here.

    I was thinking I would give this an 8 out of 10, but 8.5 seems more appropriate(I didn't know we could give partial credit!). I'm just going to cut and paste your review for Four Freedoms and call it a day. Thanks!

  2. "I can whole heartedly agree with everything you said here." Now THAT'S what I like to see, Kello! :D

    "I didn't know we could give partial credit!" That line actually had me cracking up... I like the idea that I'm the one who has set the rules for comic review scores... It makes me feel special!

    And if you just cut and paste my review, then I won't get to read what I'm sure will be a hilarious review over at FFP! There are several things I know I can count on in life; death, taxes and laughing like crazy at the latest FFP post!