Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Freedom Fighters #3

Overall: This issue starts off with Black Condor asking his spirit gods how to defeat the Elemental Demons that were rampaging around America. A spirit goddess tells Condor that he can't kill the Demons, but he can banish them to another dimension. Condor then returns to the Freedom Fighters(minus Uncle Sam who was killed last issue)and tells Phantom Lady that she's instrumental in the defeat of the Demons. The Freedom Fighters then head to the Demons and Phantom Lady teleports them away in pieces, ending their threat... Hmm... From there, Miss America arrives and tells the Fighters not to worry about Uncle Sam, since as long as there is an America, he'll be reborn. The Freedom Fighters, now led by Miss America(because she said so)continue searching for some artifact they need to locate in order to rescue the Vice President, who was captured by some guy in a powdered wig and 1770's style of dress... This issue then bizarrely ends with the Jester's grandson killing some guys in monk robes in order to “fix” America.

What in the blue hell was this all about?! I mean, really? The Elemental Demons, who were the focus of the first two issues of this series, and managed to squash the Freedom Fighters and kill Uncle Sam(the Fighters powerhouse)are defeated in ONE page?! That's all??? Because Phantom Lady was able to teleport them away in pieces? Hmm... From there, Firebrand(one of the Fighters), regaled us with several pages of conspiracy theories about the Arcadians, who supposedly manipulated events to direct American history. And then we have the Jester's grandson killing some weird old guys in monk robes... This was a wasted issue. Hopefully things get better next issue, because if not I don't think I'll be collecting this series for much longer.

Score: 4 out of 10.On the positive side, at least the Ray was in this issue...


  1. Well, I can officially say any interest I had in this series has faded away.

  2. Yeah, I'm losing interest in this series as well... Hopefully things REALLY pick up next issue.