Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Batman & Robin #15

Overall: Okay, it's time to take another trip to that wild and wacky world called Morrison-ville... A very perplexing place to go... The citizens of Gotham are going insane(as tends to happen every now and then)thanks to the combined efforts of Dr. Hurt and Pyg, which is something Joker isn't altogether pleased with, since Hurt and Pyg left him out of their plans. Joker releases Robin and tells him to help Batman deal with Hurt, lest Robin wants Joker to blow up Gotham City(or something along those lines). Hurt, impersonating the dead Thomas Wayne, returns to Wayne Manor in order to complete this whole bizarre and utterly un-Batman like Barbatos thing. Robin manages to rescue Commissioner Gordon, who was being held hostage by Pyg, before deciding to storm Wayne Manor on his own to rescue Batman. That move doesn't work out well for Robin, as he gets captured by Hurt's men and winds up being held with Batman in the catacombs of Wayne Manor. Hurt, who is in possession of that Bat-casket thing, for some reason decides that he needs Robin's assistance in opening the casket and wants Robin to pledge his allegiance to him. Robin stalls instead, giving Batman the chance to free himself, as the casket opens and a figure that appears to be Bruce Wayne returns to confront Hurt.

I don't know. I really don't. Listen, I don't understand anything that has happened in the series since it began, I don't understand the Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series, and quite frankly, I haven't understood a thing Grant Morrison has written since he's returned to DC from Marvel. There were some good things, like Joker, but other than him, I have nothing to say. If you liked this story/understood it, more power to you. Me? This comic might as well have been written in Chinese, because I was lost.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10."Why can't you just make sense?" That's the same thing I ask myself every time I put an issue of this series down...

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