Wednesday, December 31, 2008

X-Factor #37

Overall- OK, the bottom line was that I enjoyed this issue of X-Factor more then I have in a while. The main points of interest here are that the X-Factor crew searching for Darwin were saved from the explosion that ended the last issue due to Longshot's luck powers(what else is new?). The crew make there way through the underground of the warehouse they infiltrated, and run into several armed guards. While most of the team tries to end the skirmish with a minimum of casualties, Longshot seems more then happy to kill his opponents. Jamie isn't pleased about that, but is horrified when one of his duplicates kills one of the guards with no hesitation when Jamie's life was at risk. The team eventually make their way to the inner layer of the Karma Project and are shocked to find Mr. Manu, the Project's leader, surrounded by dozens of duplicates of Darwin, all of whom seem to be under Manu's control.

Back at the X-Factor base, Val Cooper stops by to pay Siryn and Rictor a visit. Val tells Siryn that she has been working with Jamie for months now, and that she had a keen interest in Jamie and Siryn's unborn child. Siryn refuses to believe that Jamie was secretly taking jobs from the government, but Val assures her that he was. Val continues to assure Siryn that she only wants the best for her, Jamie and their unborn child. Val admits that the government was very interested in discovering if he child of two mutants would produce a mutant, which would be only the second mutant born since M-Day. While the two women were talking, Siryn's water breaks, ending this issue.

After a few months of doubting Peter David's work on this series, Peter came back strong with this issue. I was very happy with this comic, and needless to say, I am eagerly looking forward to the birth of the child of Siryn and Jamie next issue. For a score, I'll give this comic a very strong 8 out of 10. This issue was alot more like the Peter David I expect!

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