Friday, December 12, 2008

She-Hulk # 35

Overall- Ugh. That's about the best thing I can say about this comic book. Why is Peter David doing this to me? I normally enjoy cracking open a comic written by Peter, because you can usual count on a pretty good story, with some comedy thrown in. Lately though, both She-Hulk and X-Factor have sure become pretty bad...

This issue of She-Hulk annoyed me to no end. I just didn't like it. The Winter Guard, Russia's super soldiers(with emphasis on the word soldiers)confront She-Hulk and her fellow Lady Liberators in the earthquake ravaged nation of Marinmer. The Liberators want to hand out food and first aid supplies to the injured and dying people of Marinmer, but the leader of Marinmer wants to horde the supplies for his own personal gain. The leader of Marinmer called Russia for help, and Russia sent in the Winter Guard to protect the food and medical supplies from She-Hulk and company. So, for most of this issue, we have She-Hulk and the leader of the Guard, Red Guardian arguing politics while the rest of the characters mindlessly battled each other in the backround. The very last thing in the world I want to read about in a comic book is politics! When I want to read/hear about politics, I'll watch the news! There are VERY few exceptions to this rule. The only character I want talking politics is Oliver Queen, because he always has me cracking up as he rails against his hated foes, the Washington DC fatcats.

So, after the debate, the Winter Guard decides to help She-Hulk and the Liberators hand out the supplies to the suffering people of the country. Yay, now everybody makes nice and helps the people of Marinmer out, while completely disregarding the fact that the Winter Guard disobeyed direct orders from the Kremlin. The issue(mercifully)ends with some members of the leader of Marinmer's cabinet meeting She-Hulk and asking her to meet with the leader. She-Hulk decides to meet with the leader alone, because... I guess because she's an idiot.

I am overjoyed that I was able to get this comic out of the way. I really hated it! I'll always respect Peter David's work, many of his past series are amongst my all-time favorites, but I really think he's in a slump right now. With how bad She-Hulk has become, I'm actually looking forward to it's impending cancellation. She-Hulk was at one time among my favorite comic books, but right now, I really don't enjoy reading it at all... So, why do I continue to purchase it? Because I still have faith that Peter can turn this train wreck around. For a score, I'll give this comic book a 2 out of 10. Yes, I hated it that much!

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