Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old School Hawkeye.

If I wanted to, I think I could fill my blog with great pictures of Hawkeye(Clint Barton)! Clint is one of those characters that has the ability to brighten just about any comic book he pops up in. Boy, what I wouldn't give for Clint to drop this idiotic Ronin identity and return to his Hawkeye roots. Hawkeye was a f###ing classic! I love Hawkeye's super-villain laugh in the second picture by the way!


  1. You know, those boots with the whole folded over look, are always a tell-tale sign of the age of the comic the panel(s) were scanned from. I just noticed them last night on an old, Black Canary scan. I predict those boots will make a comeback in the 2010's... NOT!

  2. One thing about Hawkeye is that he would always wear some of the ugliest costumes imaginable! His short skirt from the 1970's still causes me shudder!