Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Titans #8

Overall- This issue deals with the aftermath of Jericho apparently jumping into the body of one of the Titans. The team decides that they should lock down their base, thereby not allowing any of them to leave until they figure out where Jericho has gone and why. Cyborg has all of the Titans tell their deepest secrets to a computer, which is how he plans to verify each Titan is who they say they are, since Jericho in possession of one of the Titans wouldn't know the possessed Titans secrets.

Surprisingly, all of the Titans pass the computer test, which leads Cyborg to figure that Jericho is hiding in somebody, but is not controlling them, a new talent for Jericho. Cyborg decides that the only way to force Jericho out of whoever he was hiding in would be by blasting every member of the team with a high powered blaster. When hit by the blaster, Jericho would be ejected from the Titan he was hiding in, and the Titan would be knocked out for an hour. Cyborg decides that himself and Red Arrow will be the first two blasted.

Before Donna can blast Red Arrow and Cyborg, Jericho reveals that he wasn't in any of the Titans, and proceeds to attack each of the Titans with awesome super-powers, including super-strength, and force blasts. After dispatching of the entire team, Jericho proceeds to explode, completely destroying the Titans headquarters. Afterwards, Jericho goes about pulling each member of the team out of the ruins of their headquarters. Nightwing, nearly dead, asks Jericho why he was killing everyone, and Jericho reveals that everything from the point he showed up was a hallucination that was going on in Nightwing's head. Jericho had injected Nightwing with a hallucinogenic, which made him believe Jericho had attacked everybody, in order for Jericho to completely take over Nightwing, by breaking his will. With that, we go back to the scene where Donna is about to blast Cyborg and Red Arrow with the blaster. The Jericho possessed Nightwing just stands there smiling, plotting whatever nefarious plan he has.

The next issue claims to reveal the story behind Jericho's sudden evil turn. I would hope so! Jericho's actions just don't make any sense. Why is he evil? Why did he decide to possess Nightwing? I really hope there is more to Jericho's actions than the tired old, "He's Deathstroke's son, that's why he's evil" excuse. I like Jericho, and so far am not very happy with the shoddy treatment he's been receiving in this comic. For a score, I'll go with a 6 out of 10. Until I get some answers concerning Jericho's bizarre behavior, I'm not going to be very pleased with this comic. There better be some mind control or something involved here, because I just can't see Jericho suddenly turning evil. I just can't see it.

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