Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teen Titans #65

Overall- Once again, I just couldn't really get into this comic book. For me, this book has really been treading water for about a year now. I've already stated my dislike towards most of the members of the team, and my opinion really hasn't changed after reading this.

This comic dealt solely with the battle between Wonder Girl and her half nephew, Ares son, Lycus. Lycus has been murdering people in close proximity to WG in an effort to steal the power Ares had granted WG. Having syphoned enough power to equal WG, Lycus decides to finally confront WG first hand. Lycus basically wipes the floor with WG, and begins to strangle her with her own lasso. In short order, WG passes out.

While this is occurring, the rest of the Teen Titans(if you even want to call this motley crew that)arrive and are faced with Lycus' hellhound which has grown to gargantuan size. The dog is now at least 20 feet tall, and no matter what the Titans do, they can't damage the over sized pooch in anyway.

With things looking at there worst, Lycus is suddenly thrown through the wall, and Wonder Girl strolls out, now full of power, and wearing a new outfit for some reason... Huh? Apparently, WG is now powered by herself, and not Zeus, Ares, or anybody else. Double huh? Using her own power, she begins to beat Lycus up. The Teen Titans manage to destroy the hellhound by teleporting Bombshell inside the giant mutt, where she then discharged her quantum energy, which causes the hound to explode. The death of his hound re-powers Lycus, who absorbs the power of his dead dog. In the end, it doesn't matter, as WG wraps her lasso around Lycus' neck and tells him to "Go the hell away.", which he then apparently does...... OK.....

The issue ends with WG having a heart to heart with her mom, and stating that she is finally over the death of Superboy, and ready to move on to a new phase in her life. Zeus watches the conversation from a distance like a creepy old man. For an epilogue, we get some crap about Bombshell, who I could still care less about. With that being said, I could care less about this epilogue either. For those who do care, Bombshell's mother is evil or something. Meh.

This was just another lousy issue of Teen Titans. I just couldn't get into it. I wanted to enjoy this story, since I do like WG, and Lycus seemed to have some potential, but the story just didn't pay off for me. Why the hell did WG gain new powers, and an even bigger question would be when she gained these powers, where did the new threads come from??? That was really pretty ridiculous. Then the ease in which Lycus went down was also kind of irksome. The guy is kicking WG's ass all issue long, and she tells him to go to hell and that's it?!? Really?

Besides that, I really don't like Blue Beetle or Bombshell. They serve no purpose(I guess the banter between Red Devil and Blue Beetle is supposed to be funny, but I just find it grating)and I just see Bombshell as a very pale imitation of Ravager. If you want a b####y girl on the team, bring back Ravager! Next issue is a recruitment drive for the team. Please drop Blue Beetle and Bombshell and bring in practically anybody on the cover of the next issue! Hell, I'd be happy with Spoiler, Supergirl, Speedy, Ravager or Zatara! Anything would be an improvement over the current team. For a score I'll give this issue a 4 out of 10. Come on Sean McKeever, I've read some of your past work(Sentinel and Gravity were great, and his work on Mystique was pretty good too),so I don't understand what is going wrong here...

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