Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nightwing #119

Overall- Heh, so we discover in this issue that the fake Nightwing is none other then Jason Todd, Dick's replacement as Robin all those years ago. Dick and Jason fight, since Dick isn't altogether pleased that Jason is destroying Nightwing's good name by running around slaughtering criminals. Unfortunately for Dick, since his hand was already damaged in the previous issue, Jason winds up getting the upper hand, slicing Dick's bad hand, before making a getaway.

While Dick recuperates, Jason continues his reign of terror, maiming and killing street thugs with reckless abandon. Before Dick can make a move on Jason, he decides to catch up with Cheyenne, the woman he had a fling with last issue. Dick arrives at Cheyenne's office building(she runs a modeling agency)and heads to her office looking for her. However, before finding Cheyenne, Dick is mistaken for a model, and winds up taking a job modeling for Cheyenne's company. Hey, money is money! Besides the money, there is the extra perk that goes with working for Cheyenne, and that would be that she is more then happy to fool around with Dick on the job.

After Dick's fun at work, he goes out on the town looking for the Pierce twins, who seem to be some kind of meta human criminals. Dick locates them, but while eavesdropping on their conversation, Dick spot's Jason beating the hell out of some poor sap in the street. Dick rushes over to stop the assault, but Jason takes off as a crowd gathers. The crowd naturally thinks Dick is responsible for the assault, and goes to attack him. Ahh, there is nothing like an angry New York mob... Trust me, I grew up there! Dick winds up escaping the mob by the skin of his teeth.

As the issue closes, we find Cheyenne at a night club being hit on by one of the drunken Pierce twins. Cheyenne tries to shoo the drunkard away, but the twin doesn't take the hint. Finally a dapper looking Jason Todd arrives on the scene and tells the drunken Pierce brother to take a hike. The drunken Pierce brother is retrieved by his twin, and Cheyenne, grateful for the assist introduces herself to Jason.

This was another enjoyable Nightwing comic. I was actually expecting a lot worse here, as my sister had already read this storyline, and told me she really didn't like it. So far, I like the dynamic between Dick and crazy Jason Todd, as well as the mystery of the Pierce twins and Cheyenne. There is obviously a lot more then meets the eye with the twins and Cheyenne, and I look forward to finding out more about these characters. For a score I'll go with a 7 1/2 out of 10. I'm not so sure about Dick Grayson the model, but I'm still reading this with an open mind.

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