Friday, December 12, 2008

Detention Comics #1 (Oct. 1996)

Overall- You know those times when you see something, and you think that it looks good, so it has to be good? Well, I stumbled across this comic book, and on the cover stood Robin, Superboy and Guy Gardner. Seeing as that I was/am a fan of Superboy, like Robin, and find Guy pretty funny at times, I figured this comic had to be great... Boy was I wrong! The only place these 3 heroes appeared together was on the damned cover! This comic consisted of three solo stories, with each one focusing on one of the heroes.

Robin's story was OK, it dealt with a student at his school taking drugs to deal with his nutjob mother. The kid snaps due to the drugs, and Robin manages to talk him down. This story was nothing special, and didn't impress me by any stretch of the imagination. For Robin's story I'd give it a 5 out of 10.

Superboy's story was considerably dumber, and consisted of Superboy, who was currently not enrolled in school, being told by the local truant officer to find a tutor to educate himself. SB, would rather hang out on the beach picking up girls, so the truant officer walks up to the girls and begins to recite some of Shakespeare's sonnets to them. Before long the girls are swooning over the truant officer and have totally forgotten about SB. SB decides that maybe there are some perks to gaining more education and decides to find himself a tutor... Do I even have to say anything here? This story was not only moronic, but was kind of sexist as well. The girls on the beach were like mindless airheads who would just swoon over any male that came their way. If that's the way it really is in Hawaii, why am I living in upstate New York??? For a score, I'll go with a 2 out of 10.

The final story was about Guy Gardner, while he was in his Warrior persona. Guy was a teacher(how the F### is Guy Gardner possibly a teacher!!!)and was working in one of the worst schools I have ever seen in any form of media. All the kids were jerks, and some of them were super-powered, and were happy to abuse their powers to torture the teachers and regular kids. This is like some kind of nightmare! This comic book can't be real, I must be dreaming this up! Anyway, the evil super-powered kids set the school on fire for some reason. Why they did it, who knows?!? Anyway, Guy transforms into his Warrior alter ego and rescues the kids and the teacher he was obviously interested in. Guy then goes back in and with the help of one of the "good" students beats the bad kids unconscious. For a score, I'll go with another 2 out of 10.

Wow, that comic really sucked! I usually try to be a little bit more articulate than that, but I think sucked sums up this comic pretty well. The only story that was readable was Robin's, and even that wasn't all that good. That'll teach me to buy a comic based solely on the cover! Unless you love horrible Guy Gardner and Superboy stories, avoid this comic at all costs! I wish I did!

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