Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whatcha doing??

It looks like I won't be putting up any reviews tonight or tomorrow, since I've begun to read the "All-Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder" hardcover today. The book contains issues 1-9 of the series(there is no way I'm going to write that long title again!). I started reading it between finals at school today. Yes, to prepare for my final exams, I read comic books! Personally, I find it refreshing to read a good comic in order to take a break from all of the studying that goes into finals week. Plus, reading a comic book in one of the college lounges has the added bonus of possibly spurring a comic oriented conversation with somebody there. So far that hasn't happened yet...

All-Star Batman is written by Frank Miller and drawn by Jim Lee. Frank has Batman acting like one of the meanest bastards you'd ever meet! He's just a f###ing horror! Once I finish this book off, I'll probably post something about it. So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 issues I've read. Since I've become obsessed with posting something to my blog, I'll probably post some pictures I've scanned recently just so I can say I put something comic oriented up!


  1. All Star Batman is one of those books where you can either try and find some meaning, or just sit back and enjoy it for what it's worth. I definitely went for the second option. I too waited for the hardcover, and it wasn't until I found out that the Batman in All-Star is supposed to be the same Batman from Frank Miller's Batman: Year One, Dark Knight Returns, and Dark Knight Strikes Back, it all kind of felt more cohesive. If you haven't read those trades, I would recommend them very much. Year One is the basis for "Batman Begins", while Dark Knight is considered one of the classics of comic books, and I personally thought Dark Knight Strikes Back is one of the best straightforward superhero romps I've ever read.

    All That said, ASBaR:TBW is one giant guilty pleasure.

  2. I'll definately have to search out those other trades, because I am REALLY enjoying All-Star Batman... I couldn't put it down last night! At first, I thought Bats was just a mean, nasty SOB but now I just think he's completely insane. I can't wait to finish this book up later.