Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guardians of the Galaxy #4

Overall- You know, this is a really good comic book. However, it's getting late, and I want to read a few more issues, so this review may be a little bit on the stingy side... Even though stingy for me is still a pretty long post!

The teleportor on Knowhere(the Guardians base of operations)explodes, which means the Guardians are trapped onboard the space station. It appears among the 38 beings killed in the explosion, some were Skrulls in disguise(yes, this was a part of Secret Invasion). The discovery of the Skrulls turns the team against each other, but the team leader, Star-Lord manages to quell most of the infighting.

As the Guardians bicker amongst themselves, the ruling council of Knowhere ask the Guardians to come to a hearing concerning all of the violence the arrival of the Guardians have brought since they've been living on the space station. Adam Warlock throws a hissy fit, claiming that he isn't beholden to any council, but once again, Star-Lord manages to quiet things down. Once Star-Lord is finally alone, Mantis shows up and we find out that Mantis, with the OK of Star-Lord used her telepathy to influence the members of the Guardians to join together, for the good of the universe... Huh, sneaky move. While Star-Lord and Mantis have this discussion, we see Drax listening from the shadows... That's not good.

Star-Lord and Quasar attend the hearing with the Knowhere ruling council, and we find out that Drax had made 30+ unscheduled visits to the teleportor before it exploded. The council asks Star-Lord to bring in Drax for questioning, and Star-Lord asks Gamora to find Drax. However, Gamora can't find Drax anywhere. As the issue closes, we see Drax equipping himself with a bunch of high powered guns.

So, who(if anybody) is the Skrull on the team? Drax seems most likely, but he could also just be pissed to find out Star-Lord and Mantis were tampering with his mind. There was also some more stuff going on with the mysterious Major Victory, but I'll gloss over that since it didn't really lead anywhere. For a score, I'll give this comic a 9 out of 10. Damn, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are great writers! Why does some hack like Christopher Yost get to ruin comic books left and right, while Abnett and Lanning are only doing Guardians and Nova right now? They deserve a big name comic title immediately! Huh, so much for a quick review...

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