Thursday, December 4, 2008

Comics for November.

So, my comic book order FINALLY arrived today, so what exactly did I buy? Let's take a look.

Detective Comics #850- I didn't buy the previous parts of this storyline... If I like the way this storyline ends, maybe I'll go out and try to collect the previous issues.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #14- This comic has always been a favorite of mine, even more so with Conner finally(maybe?)back in action.

The 3 JSA Kingdom Come specials- Yeah, these 3 comics are definitely on top of my must read pile.

Nightwing #150- I can't read this comic until I read the remaining 25 issues or so of Nightwing.

Titans #7- I'm looking forward to reading this just to see what will become of Match and Jericho.
Deadpool #4- Not really sure why I picked this comic up... I still haven't read Deadpool #1-3...

Flash #246- Oh... Poor Flash... I'm still hopeful that Wally West will still have a place in the DCU after Final Crisis ends.

3 more issues of Trinity- Haven't read a single issue of this series yet, but I just keep buying more and more of these comics...

Robin #180- My sister is a pretty big fan of Robin, so I'll usually buy the new Robin books for her to read. I guess one day I'll probably read 'em too... If I ever have the time.

Thunderbolts #126- This comic, unless it is spectacular will probably be the last Thunderbolt comic I buy for a long time. The only reason I was still collecting T-Bolts, was because of the great writing job Christos Gage was doing. With a new writer, I don't see myself continuing to collect this title.

Batman #681- Come on, it's the last part of Batman R.I.P., need I say anymore???

Birds of Prey #124- I'm really going to miss this comic when its cancelled. This comic is always well written, and the recent issues have been no different, especially with the inclusion of Joker.

Ghost Rider:Danny Ketch #2- Since I am a sucker for B-list Marvel heroes from the 90's, this comic is right up my alley. I'll probably read this once I have the whole mini-series.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7- I have got to start reading this comic again! For some reason I stopped reading this great comic about 4 months ago... I should really rectify that...

Legion of Super-Heroes #48- Another one of my favorite DC comics. Can't wait to dig into this one. I don't think there has been one issue of this series I didn't enjoy.

Nova #19- One of the few Marvel comics Joe Quesada and his ilk haven't managed to ruin. This is another comic I can't wait to read.

Reign in Hell #5- I'm still waiting to collect this whole mini-series before I read any of these issues.

Secret Invasion:X-Men #4- I have no idea why I collected this mini-series... I seriously mean that. I don't know why I brought this...

She-Hulk #35- Hopefully this issue will be much better than last issue was, cause last issue stunk!

Teen Titans #65- I'll be looking forward to reading about the stuff with Wonder Girl, since in recent issues of this book, the Wonder Girl story has really been the saving grace.

All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder: Hard Cover- This collects All-Star Batman and Robin #1-9. After hearing ALOT about this series, I decided to finally give it a try.

All-Star Batman and Robin #10- Well, I have issues 1-9, I figured I might as well pick up #10 too.

Detention Comics #1(1996)- Deep down I am a closet Superboy fan... Yes, it's true. This comic has Superboy, Robin and Guy Gardner in it... I just couldn't resist!

So there you have it, these will be the comics I'll be reviewing over the next couple of days. Strangely, there were no Final Crisis comics in this order... What gives DC? Shouldn't there have been some kind of Final Crisis related comic book that came out over the past 3 weeks? Weird...


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where do you order from X-Man? I'd love to know what kind of discount they're offering, how much you pay for shipping etc.

  2. I used to order from a couple of different sites every month, but now I always order from
    They have a great supply of back issues at reasonable prices, as well as always having all of the new books I'm looking for in stock. Shipping is free after a $50 purchase, and since I usually order once every 3-4 weeks, I always qualify for the free shipping!

    For orders under $50 the shipping varies depending on what service you choose. If you choose to ship via the U.S. Post Service, the charges are about $3-$4. If you choose UPS, you'll pay about $8 for shipping, but of course, your order will arrive much faster.

    The one negative is that they don't offer any discounts on new comics, but like I said, they have some pretty good discounts on older stuff(anything older then 3 months is usually discounted, so if you wanted to, you could just wait a few months to buy a book, and then pick it up at a discounted price.). They'll also send out a weekly e-mail that gives a password that will discount some back issues up to %50.

    They are located in Texas, so the delivery time really depends on how far away from Texas you live. I'm in upstate New York, so it usually takes about 4-5 days for me to get my new comics once they ship them out. The comics don't arrive bagged and boarded(you can choose to have them bagged for an extra price, but I prefer to bag them myself and save on that.)they ship out the books with lots of cardboard and heavy tape, so I've never had anything arrive damaged.

    Jeez, I sound like a commercial for them or something! I can't imagine I missed anything, but if I did, just ask and I'll fill it in for you.

  3. Thanks. This is good info. I can see how, if you're a completist looking to fill gaps in your collection that service sounds like it's got some good deals.

    I've been going to a local, store chain here in New England for years. They sell mostly music, DVDs and only new comics.

    I only recently started picking up comic books there. After a couple of months the manager asked if I wanted to join their comic club.

    They give me a 20% discount on all new books. All I have to do is subscribe to at least 8 titles, and pick 'em up at least every two weeks. They pull them for me, and keep them in a folder. I've been doing it for over a year now, and so far, they haven't skipped any issues.

    I used to have a subscription service at an actual, comic book shop. They gave a 50% discount on back issues, but didn't give me any discount on new books. They kept forgetting to pull books from my list, so I found a better deal.

  4. I actually wish I could find a good comic book shop here in my neck of the woods. I've been living up near Binghamton, NY for about 2 years now, and have yet to find a shop that actually has all the new comics I am looking for on a monthly basis. The service from the shops I have visited have been spotty at best, and with the way I collect, I need a lot better then spotty!

    The deal you have really sounds sweet. A 20% discount on new books can really add up, especially for someone like me! I wish I could find a nice comic book shop near me. It's nice to be able to look before buying sometimes. Oh well, until I can finally find myself a good CB shop, I'll keep ordering online or via subscription services directly from Marvel or DC.