Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daredevil #113

Overall- Ahh, Ed Brubaker, what would the Marvel Universe be without you? Once again, I'm going to speed through this review, to get to the next comic.

Daredevil, Dakota North and Black Tarantula all stand in Matt's apartment and demand answers from the old Japanese man who brought the unconscious Tarantula there. All the old man will tell them is that his name is Master Izo, and that he wants to destroy the Hand. Izo is cryptic and Matt becomes irritated after a few minutes of verbal jousting with Izo. Iron Fist arrives, and recognizes Izo as someone who was written about in the book of the Iron Fist several hundred years ago. While this is going on, Dakota gets a call from a detective and she heads out followed by Daredevil. It seems that the man who claimed that Daredevil had murdered some criminals was found beaten to death.

While surveying the scene, Matt hears some laughter aimed at him a few rooftops away and goes after it. Matt tracks the laughter back to Lady Bullseye, who tells Matt that nobody in his life was safe from the Hand, before attacking him. Matt notices that her movements are difficult to track, since her pulse rate never changes. Matt begin to gain the upper hand, when 5 Hand ninjas jump in and attack on Lady Bullseye's behalf. Matt has difficulty with the ninjas, until Izo arrives and kills the undead ninjas within a matter of seconds. Matt becomes paranoid by Lady Bullseye's taunts and rushes upstate with Dakota to check on his insane wife. Upon arriving at Milla's asylum, Matt discovers that Milla's parents had apparently signed Milla out of the asylum and have taken her away.

While Matt is learning this bit of info, Black Tarantula and Izo go out to search for the Hand. They find a ninja and he runs, but Izo manages to catch and kill him after a while. Izo realizes that the ninja led him to a specific location, and Tarantula notices several pictures of people on the wall, including Iron Fist, Black Tarantula, Wolverine and White Tiger. The comic ends with Lady Bullseye ambushing White Tiger at her home and killing her, telling her she'll enjoy her new life as a member of the Hand much more.

What can I really say that I haven't already said about the greatness that is Ed Brubaker? Ed is crafting one hell of a story here. I can't wait for the next issue of this series. I was a little apprehensive when I heard about a "Lady" Bullseye, but her character is so well written, I have absolutely no complaints. For a score, this book gets a 9 out of 10. If you don't already read Ed's work on this comic, or have really never cared about Daredevil, believe me, you should give this comic a try! I was once a Daredevil hater too, but Ed has totally made me a fan of the character.


  1. Weird. I just reread the first, three issues of the Lady Bullseye series last night. This was the last issue I read last night, and your review was the first thing I read this morning.

    I agree, this series so far is outstanding. The art and story are second to none. I've enjoyed it so much, in fact, I picked up the 'Daredevil Visionaries vol. 2: Frank Miller' TPB last week and I'm totally loving it. So much so, I'm being careful to only read three issues per sitting, in order to make it last.

    I'm thinking, (based on what LB said to DD) that Milla's folks weren't the ones to spring her from the mental home. If not them, who? Can't wait for #114!

  2. That is pretty weird... Maybe one of us has a strange mutant ability to influence others via the internet... Or maybe not! :-)

    Yeah, I agree with you on Milla's situation. Then again, LB may not be involved, and the situation with Milla could always be setting up a future storyline. Oh and just today the next issue of DD arrived, so I'll definitely be reading #114 tonight.