Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nightwing #118

Overall- So, this is the One Year Later issue of Nightwing. From reading the 52 series I have a slight idea what Dick was up to during the missing year, but the 52 series, nor this issue explains what happened to Dick's engagement with Barbara Gordon... That kind of annoys me. As far as I'm concerned, Dick and Babs are perfect for each other, and should have been married a long time ago.

With that said, this comic details Dick moving to New York City, since Bludhaven is still unlivable. Dick has a one night stand with some woman named Cheyenne, and after he leaves her place, we discover that she has some kind of meta human powers. Dick also discovers that someone is running around New York dressed as Nightwing killing criminals. Needless to say Dick doesn't like the fact that someone is sullying his name, and decides to head out to find the impostor. Dick doesn't find the fake Nightwing, but he does run into a pair of weird twins roughing somebody up on a rooftop.

Dick interjects himself into the battle, and takes the fight to one of the twins. The twin Dick fight reveals that he is a meta human, who has the ability to strengthen any part of his body making it as hard as steel. So, when Dick takes a swing at the guy, he nearly breaks his hand punching him. The twin then lifts Dick up and tosses him off the rooftop. Dick, before he can react, is snared by the leg with a grappling hook, and pulled up to a fire escape, where he comes face to face with the fake Nightwing.

Hmmm... What do I say about this issue? I liked that Dick's old flame/landlady from Bludhaven, Clancey, ran into Dick while he was walking the streets of NYC, but I was kind of confused by Dick's fling with this Cheyenne woman. Not that I fault Dick for having some fun with a beautiful woman, I just can't seem to remember him really screwing around with a woman he doesn't know. Usually, Dick is in a committed relationship before he decides to sleep with a woman, but like I said, I can't fault him for his actions here.

Of course, I would have liked if the engagement between Dick and Babs would have been spoken about, but I guess that will come out down the road(I hope). For a score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10. This was a perfectly acceptable comic as far as I was concerned.

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