Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Death of Mockingbird.(If you haven't read Secret Invasion #8, skip this post!)

As promised yesterday, here are some scans from West Coast Avengers #100, featuring the death of Mockingbird, Bobbi Morse Barton.

So, there you have it. Mockingbird died a heroic death, saving the man she loved. At no point did her dead body transform into a Skrull's body, which means that the person who was killed by Mephisto was indeed the true Bobbi Barton, not a Skrull. Now, I can't wait to see how Brian Bendis writes his way around the indisputable evidence presented in these panels. Remember, not only did Bobbi die here, but she has made at least 4 appearances from the afterlife since her death. Once again, I'm dying to see how Bendis is going to explain all of this away...


  1. These are some powerful panels.

    I finished SI #8 last night X-Man. I kind of spoiled the ending for myself since I saw the final panels at the, Everyday Is Like Wednesday blog.

    I didn't hate it. But, I understand your frustration with the continuity issues.

    I saw some preview panels from New Avengers #38 and I'm thinking of picking it up, as it picks up where SI #8 leaves off.

  2. Yeah, comic book story wise, I doubt SI was as bad as I said it was, but for me the whole Secret Invasion crossover COULD never take place. SI broke so many pre-set rules in the Marvel comics universe. That was my main reason for hating it.

    I'm just a stickler for Marvel history, and SI just basically took years of Marvel history and ignored it! I'll still be picking up New Avengers, and I'll definitely be picking up Mighty Avengers, since I think shortly Dan Slott will be taking over the writing duties. I love his writing style(ALOT more than the way Bendis writes!).