Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nightwing #122

Overall- Dick and Cheyenne decide to take the fight to the Pierce twins, while Jason slowly asphyxiates in his embryonic cocoon... Don't ask, read the last few reviews I've put up. Trust me on that one... The super strong Pierce twin beats the hell out of Dick, and gets ready to beat on Cheyenne as well before she begins to make fun of... Well, his manhood, or lack there of. Like most guys, the strong Pierce twin doesn't take kindly to that insult and tries to annihilate Cheyenne with one monstrous punch. Cheyenne dodges, and the Pierce twin's punch winds up destroying the embryo Jason Todd was trapped in, freeing him.

Dick now takes the fight to the super strong twin, while the other Pierce twin watches from the sidelines. Dick allows the strong twin to beat on him in the hope that he will eventually wear himself down. That's a... pretty strange plan. As Dick is being thrashed all over the street, Jason Todd grabs the strong Pierce twin from behind. As the twin looks back, he is shocked to see that Jason has somehow managed to attain Jakob's ability to transform into a monster. Jason then proceeds to "eat" the super strong twin. This act brings the other Pierce twin into the fray, but Jason promptly vomits the strong twin onto his brother. The strong twin finally seems to have weakened substantially, and Dick is able to lay him out with a well placed punch.

The other Pierce twin finally reveals his own meta human ability, which is apparently the power to expand his body to enormous size, before exploding. Dick and Cheyenne beat a hasty retreat, and Dick warns the cops who had arrived on the scene to evacuate the area and clear themselves out. The cops are somewhat hesitant to listen to Dick, thanks to the way Jason had been sullying the Nightwing name, but ultimately listen, and evacuate the nearby apartments, just before the Pierce twin explodes, taking out most of the Pierce twins base of operation.

The next day, Dick and Cheyenne get a telegraph from Jason(who still uses telegraphs nowadays???), telling the 2 of them that he is leaving town and that his monster powers are now gone. He thanks Dick for coming to his rescue, and tells Dick that he only wanted to help him out in NYC in an attempt to try to be like a family again. Cheyenne also says that her time as a Nightwing was a one time only thing, meaning that apparently, Dick is once again the only Nightwing in New York City. As the comic ends, we see the Pierce twins alive and well on TV, explaining that they don't know what happened to their base/nightclub, as well as denying any knowledge as to the cause of the explosion.

I liked this storyline for he most part, but I can honestly say that Jason Todd transforming into a monster, like Jakob, did was pretty far fetched... Besides that, I was happy with this story, and look forward to seeing what life in NYC holds next for Dick. For a score, I'll go with a 6 1/2 out of 10. This part of the storyline was OK, but the part with Jason Todd the monster kind of annoyed me. As far as I know, regular humans usually don't just transform into big monsters for no apparent reason...

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