Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secret Six #4

Overall- I've been a huge fan of the Secret Six since their first appearance as a team, in "Villains United", then in the "Secret Six" mini-series, as well as their skirmishes with the "Birds of Prey", when Gail Simone was still writing that series. With that said, I have a confession to make... I really haven't been enjoying the first 3 issues of this series as much as I though I would. Well, that sure changed this issue! This issue made me remember what I loved about the Six, as well as Gail's writing. Enough with the praise, there will be enough time for that later. Onto the review.

Now that the Six have a chance to catch their breath momentarily, they begin to bicker over the "Get out of Hell free" card they have taken from Tarantula. Catman seems especially keen on gaining possession of the card, since it would save him from eternal damnation. Scandal doesn't seem to believe the card has any power at all, but just the same, won't let it out of her sight. The team travels to Las Vegas to meet up with a contact of Scandal's , who is supposed to tell the team where to head next.

While the team is living it up in Vegas, Junior and his twin assassins discover where the Six are headed, and travel to Vegas to get the card. We discover that Junior is a sick, twisted monster, who has committed literally any crime you can think up. However, besides his criminal actions, Junior is also a devout Catholic, and doesn't want to spend all of eternity in Hell. That explains why he is willing to pay $20,000,000(!)for each dead member of the Six and the "Hell" card. Before arriving in Vegas, Junior stops off at a Catholic church and demands the father there to listen to his confession. Junior confesses his MANY sins, and then tells the father to absolve him of his sins. The priest bravely tells Junior that he can't be absolved of his sins unless he repents them. Junior refuses to repent, and then proceeds to kill the father. Upon leaving, Junior tells his twin assassins that he will be needing the "Hell" card more than ever.

While the Six are enjoying a hearty meal at the Vegas hotel they were staying at, they are attacked by practically every single thug in the DC Universe. The Six manage to hang tough against their numerous opponents, but begin to drop to the floor frothing at the mouth. At this time, former Six member, as well as the mother of Catman's child, Cheshire arrives and announces that she had poisoned the meal the Six were enjoying and that in due time they would be dead.

Oh baby, what a great issue this was! The scene between Junior and the Catholic priest was just incredibly done. It was just such a horrifying scene, especially as the priest realized that there was no way Junior was going to let him leave the confessional booth alive. Junior himself is a chilling adversary, who I can't wait to learn more about next issue. The Six themselves actually returned to their roots, with the constant mistrust/infighting that made me really fall for the team and Gail's writing in general. Hell, just for the chilling scene with Junior and the priest, I'd have recommended this comic, but with everything else really falling into place, this comic is pretty much a must read. For a score, I'm happy to give this comic a 9 1/2 out of 10. YES, this is the "Secret Six"/Gail Simone I love!


  1. It sounds like this is the issue to jump into this series with. I always flip through Secret Six, but never pick it up. I'll definitely look for this one next week.

  2. If you do decide to give this comic a try Yedna all you need to know going in is that the Six have broken Tarantula out of jail, because she knew the whereabouts of a "Get out of Hell free" card created by Neron. The Six pick up the card, but are being hounded by Junior, the secretive crime lord of the West Coast(I think). The Six are supposed to return the card to a buyer in Gotham City for a large sum of money, all while dodging Junior and the assassins he has sent after them.

    If you do pick-up this comic, let me know what you think about it. If you run into any parts of the comic that don't make sense, due to missing the first 3 issues, I would be happy to try to fill those parts in for you.

  3. Thanks for the recap X-Man. I actually read a summation of the plot, I believe on Wikipedia yesterday. Hope you're having a nice holiday X. Don't drink too much eggnog.

  4. Thanks Yedna, same to you. Is there anything Wikipedia isn't good for???