Friday, December 5, 2008

Green Arrow and Black Canary #14

Overall- After the events of last issue, Ollie and Dinah take Conner to see Dr. Midnite and Batman, to see just what is up with Conner. Midnite is able to prove that Conner really is Conner, and not a clone sent by Sivana, but apparently, Conner now feels no pain and has an accelerated healing factor... Boy, mad scientists work in unusual ways.

Ollie takes Conner back home and while the two speak, Conner reveals that he still doesn't really remember much of his life. He remembers glimpses of things, but not the whole picture. Ollie decides that maybe some archery will help jog Conner's memory. Ollie gives Conner a bow and tells him that even with memory loss, shooting the bow should come naturally, since it involves muscle memory. Well, Conner shoots several arrows, and manages to miss the target every single time. Ollie is shocked and while talking to Dinah later seems at his wits end about how to help Conner. While Ollie and Dinah talk, Mia rushes in and says that she can't find Conner anywhere.

It seems that Conner decided to take to the streets, and barges in on a roomful of drug dealers, while completely unarmed. Conner attacks the dealers, and shows that he still remembers the fighting techniques that make him one of the most formidable fighters in the DCU. Conner winds up getting shot, but completely shrugs it off, thanks to his new healing factor. As Conner prepares to take down the last dealer, a familiar green clad figure climbs in through the window and pins the dealer to the wall with an arrow. Ollie asks Conner what he was doing, and Conner said that he had to know if he was still able to fight since he obviously couldn't shoot the bow anymore. Ollie tells Conner that no matter what life held for Conner, Ollie would always be there for him.

Later back at the Ollie's house, we see Conner standing alone in his bedroom, staring down at his old Green Arrow costume, while holding his mask, contemplating just what his next step should be. Meanwhile, Ollie and Dinah share an intimate moment back in their bedroom... Well it's about time for that! With all the insanity in their lives, it's easy to forget that Ollie and Dinah are still pretty much newlyweds!

This was the last issue of this series written by Judd Winick. I can honestly say that I am going to miss Judd's steady hand in this comic book. Judd is a great writer, and I hope whoever takes up the writing duties for this book can keep up Judd's great work. For a score, I'll go with a 8 1/2 out of 10. With a new writer coming aboard next issue, I'll be very interested to see what direction Ollie, Dinah, Mia, Conner and the rest of the characters in this book go.

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