Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Final Crisis:Revelations #4(of 5)

Overall- This comic begins with Cain separating the Spectre from his human host, and then enslaving the Spectre itself. The Question makes a move at Cain, but he smacks her away and then complains that it was supposed to be her who presented him with the Spear of Destiny. With that, Cain unleashes a massive energy blast from the Spear, which he expects will kill the Question. The blast leaves Question unharmed, which shocks Cain momentarily. Question rebounds(even though she isn't sure why the blast didn't kill her)and attacks Cain, kicking him across the face. Unfortunately for Question, Cain doesn't move and grabs her by the throat, figuring that if the Spear couldn't kill her, he would just do it with his bare hands.

Before Cain can succeed in strangling the life out of Question, Huntress arrives on the scene and fires two crossbow bolts into Cain, one in the eye and one in the mouth. This action causes Cain to release Question, but still doesn't stop him. Radiant finally sees enough, and teleports Question, Huntress and Spectre's dead host back into the church, while setting up a impregnable force field around the church.

While in the church, Radiant reveals that the Spear of Destiny can be used for both evil or good, depending on the user. Question sees this as an opportunity to use the Spear to reunite Spectre with his host. Radiant, Huntress and Question go back outside, and confront Cain. Cain tries unsuccessfully to corrupt Radiant, and when he sees that he can not, he begins to force the Spectre to recite the anti-life equation, to the shock and horror of Radiant. With a being as powerful as the Spectre reciting the anti-life equation, most of the remaining people on Earth are corrupted by Darkseid's influence. After Spectre completes the equation, Radiant is nearly broken at Cain's feet, her faith in God nearly gone. Cain simply states triumphantly, "We win.".

I actually liked this comic alot more than its predecessors. The first few issues of Revelations left me kind of confused, but this one was very straightforward. Cain reveals that he threw his lot in with Darkseid to forsake God, which makes sense. Huntress shows up which always makes me happy, since I am a pretty big fan of hers. I also enjoyed Huntress' interaction with Radiant. Huntress was in awe of Radiant, since Radiant is an angel, and Huntress has always been a religious character. All in all, I was happy with this comic. Not blown away, but happy. For a score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10.

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