Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret Invasion #7(of 8)

Overall- Marvel Boy showed up, with some kick-ass new powers. That was the good. The rest of this comic was more of the same junk from the past 6 issues. The Avengers/Heroes are joined by the Villains led by the Hood and together, they all battled the Skrulls for pretty much the entire comic. Leinil Francis Yu(series artist)was one very busy man here, and I think given the circumstances(drawing dozens of super humans fighting for several pages on end)he did one hell of a job.

The Heroes turn the tide of the battle, and Jessica Jones leaves her baby with Skrull Jarvis(whoops)to join the battle besides her husband, Luke Cage. Before the Heroes can claim a decisive victory, we discover that Skrull Pym gave the Wasp a new growth formula several months ago. The formula begins to expand Wasp to enormous dimensions and I guess this could destroy the planet or something. So, wait, now the Skrulls are all suicidal and don't want to conquer the Earth, they want to destroy it??? Sure, why not, what do I know anymore?

Oh, Uatu the Watcher shows up, I guess because this battle is suppose to be "EARTH-SHATTERING!!!". Sorry, Uatu, I'm still not interested in this crap. On a side note, I am thoroughly impressed that Brian Bendis(writer)managed to even remember that Uatu should be there! I wonder who tipped him off, because I would bet he has no clue as to who Uatu even is. For a score, I'll go with a 3 out of 10, thanks to the arrival of Marvel Boy, as well as the fact that I am only 1 issue away from being able to file this series away in my collection and never have to read it again!


  1. I agree, Yu's artwork has been nothing short of outstanding throughout this series. Maybe the best part of issue #7.

  2. Considering all of the different characters Yu had to draw, I don't know how the man was able to meet his deadline every month! I can't recall any issue of Secret Invasion coming out late due to the art, which is really kind of amazing. Although I hated the story with a passion, the artwork was damn good!