Friday, December 5, 2008

Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Magog

Overall- This comic was written by Peter Tomasi, and although it wasn't as good as the Kingdom Come Special: Superman comic, this comic was pretty damn good in its own right. Most of this issue dealt with Magog(duh). Magog and the JSAers who were travelling with him and Gog come across a river that is polluted with dozens of dead bodies in Northern Africa. Magog and the JSA members decide to investigate the cause of the bodies, and follow the river to a bunch of rebels who were deliberately poisoning the river to kill their regional enemies.

The JSA take down the rebel forces with little difficulty, but Magog wants to kill the rebels for all the death they brought to the land. The JSA members stop him, telling him that is not their brand of justice. Gog tells the JSA there are many kinds of justice, and transforms the rebels into water, and allows them to wash into the river, purifying it. At this moment, Magog hears a transmission from his old military squad, and tells Gog and the JSA that he has to try to help his old squad members. Gog tells him to go, and Magog runs off.

Magog comes across the butchered bodies of some of his men, and tracks the rest of them down to a rebel hideout. The rebels had tortured and killed all but one member of Magog's old unit, and Magog walks in and machine guns the rebels legs. He also blows away the rebel leader with a well placed bullet to the head. Magog then opens a small chasm in the ground, and tells the wounded rebels to get in the hole. They reluctantly crawl in, begging for mercy, claiming wild animals would smell their blood and eat them alive. Magog says good, and goes to tend to his fallen comrade. The soldier ultimately dies, and Magog makes his way back to the rest of the JSA and Gog.

Gog tells Magog he is sorry for the death of his friends, but tells Magog that their deaths have given Magog new knowledge on the evil of some people. Magog agrees, and washes the blood of his comrades away in the purified river. This story also included an origin of Magog, but instead of writing that all out, I would implore you to buy this comic yourself. Trust me, it's worth the $3.99 cover price.

There is also a backup story on Starman, where he gives some tantalizing clues about the events of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. After reading this back up story, I am kind of hopeful that Bart Allen, one of my favorite DC characters might just be making a comeback! Dare I hope for such a welcome event??? The Legion gave Starman one of the Lightning Rods, which I believe are used to resurrect the dead. On top of that, the 3 Brainiac's mention the Tornado Twins, and Barry Allen's legacy. The Tornado Twins are the children of Barry Allen, and one of the twins is the father of Bart Allen... Starman asks for a shovel as the comic concludes. If Bart Allen was to return to life, I think I would probably be in a good mood for about a full month! Of course I could be well off here, but hey, maybe I'm not. For a score for this comic I'll happily go with a 9 out of 10. This was another very good comic book.

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