Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Green Arrow and Black Canary #15

Overall- So, this was the first issue of this series written by its new writer, Andrew Kreisberg. I can't say I was filled with optimism after reading his first foray into this series.

Most of this issue was a flashback looking into the life of Oliver Queen, Green Arrow. He was a rich playboy, then he was stranded on a desert island, he decided to become a super-hero, met Dinah, cheated on her, reunited with her, and then married her. There, in a nutshell that was what encompassed most of this comic.

We also find out that Connor and Mia are leaving Ollie and Dinah. Connor is going to "find himself", and Mia is leaving to be with Dodger in London. After seeing off Mia and Connor, Ollie and Dinah go out on patrol. Dinah winds up getting herself caught by some loser, who puts a knife to her throat. Ollie shoots an arrow at said loser's face, which Dinah snatches out of the air and proceeds to stab the loser in the leg. Ollie tries to take down the goon, but he overpowers Ollie and tosses him aside. Dinah has enough, and unleashes her Canary Cry, which immediately incapacitates the goon. However, we end the issue by seeing a man laying in his destroyed apartment, with his ears bleeding, apparently due to Dinah's Canary Cry.

Um, what the hell was that? First of all, how does Dinah, who has been established as one of the better fighters in he DCU get herself caught by this goon with a knife? If Kreisberg is going to use this title to turn Dinah into a damsel in distress, then he might as well change the title back to just "Green Arrow". Besides the stupidity with Dinah(she's the chairperson of the JLA, shouldn't she be aware of collateral damage?), I was pretty upset that Connor and especially Mia left. I really hope this turn of events is temporary. Connor's character is one begging to be further developed, and Mia is Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick! As Ollie's sidekick, shouldn't Mia of all people be sticking around? Yeah, this issue annoyed me for alot of different reasons. For a score, I'll go with a 5 out of 10. I really hope Andrew Kreisberg knows what he's doing here, because so far I am way underwhelmed by his work...


  1. Much like yourself, I too was disappointed with Titans and GA/BC this month. I'm going to hang in with Green Arrow for the time being, but, I'm seriously thinking of switching Titans (the only monthly, team-up book on my pull list) for Secret Six. What do you think?

  2. If I was forced to choose between the Titans and the Secret Six, I would definitely go with Secret Six. Especially now that Gail Simone is hitting her groove in the Secret Six book.

    I usually like Judd Winick's work, but Titans just hasn't done anything for me since the first issue. He just keeps telling the same story every month it seems.

    I'm more worried about GA/BC though. I thought Judd was doing a far superior job on GA/BC, and kind of wished he would have stayed on that book, and left the Titans.

    Oh well, I'm not going to panic about GA/BC just yet. I'll give Andrew Kreisberg a few more months before I really start to freak out!