Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Comic Day!

My comic order from last week arrived today(or yesterday I guess, since it's past midnight...)and I figured I'd post what I purchased, and more importantly, why I brought them.

(Marvel)What If? House of M #1- One of my favorite comic books from yesteryear would have to be What If?. Whenever Marvel puts out a new What If? comic, I always scoop it right up. I am somewhat dubious about this comic though. In my humble opinion, the end of the House of M crossover was when Marvel really took a huge step backwards in terms of quality. I'll go to my grave stating that wiping out most of the mutant population was one of the worst errors ever committed in comic books. The well established mutant population was always what made Marvel different from DC, and decimating the muties went a long way in pushing me towards collecting DC comics.

(Marvel)Secret Invasion #8(of 8)- ........I don't think there is anything to really say here. I've stated repeatedly how utterly stupid the entire Secret Invasion concept is/was, and with the reception of this comic, I'll now go back and read the entire Secret Invasion series, to take in the whole thing in one sitting. Marvel promises an "Earth-shattering" ending... I'm not holding my breath.

(DC)Justice Society of America #21- Now, this is one comic book I can't wait to read! This issue is the penultimate chapter of the Gog storyline, and I am really looking forward to what Geoff Johns has in store for the impending conclusion of this storyline.

(DC)Batman #682- It's a new Batman comic, why wouldn't I buy it? I'm highly intrigued by what DC has in store as the final fate of The Dark Knight.

(DC)Terror Titans #3(of 6)- I won't be reading this comic until I have all six parts of this mini-series, so there's really not much to say.

(Marvel)Marvel Zombies 3 #3(of 4)- The only reason I've been buying this series is for my little brother. One of the few comic books he'll still read is any Marvel Zombies comic(he's in that whole teenage rebellion stage now, you know, if I like something, he automatically hates it)so even though I probably won't read this series for months, I know he'll enjoy it.

(DC)Birds of Prey #21- I've been looking to buy this back issue for a while now, as it concludes the "Hunt for Oracle" storyline I had enjoyed while reading my "Nightwing" back issues.

So, that's what I'll be reading/posting about over the course of the next several days. I can almost promise you that my posts about the "Secret Invasion" crossover will be pretty brutal, that is if I don't go insane after reading them!

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