Monday, December 22, 2008

What? More new comics?!?

Yeah, so I broke my own rule and ordered myself comic books two times in the same month. What can I say, I don't have any willpower... With that stated, lets run down exactly what I purchased and why.

Secret Six #4- Well, this one is easy to explain. Gail Simone wrote it, and it's the Secret Six. What more do I really need to say?

Titans #8- I've been enjoying this comic(for the most part)since the first issue, but I'll be intrigued to see what direction Judd Winick takes the whole "Jericho turns evil again" storyline. All I can say is I'm getting mighty tired of members of the Titans turning on the team practically every issue...

Trinity #28- Eventually I'll read this series... Really I mean it. Probably when all 52 issues are out.

What If?:Fallen Son #1- I hate "Civil War", but since it's a What If? comic book, I felt obligated to buy it.

Detective Comics #851- It's a part of the Batman "Last Rites" storyline, which I kind of figured I should read since I intend on collecting Batman comics from now on.

Final Crisis #5(of 7)- Once again this is an obvious buy.

Final Crisis:Revelations #4(of 5)- I'd have brought this comic regardless of the cover, but once I saw that Huntress was on the cover, that sealed the deal.

Green Arrow and Black Canary #15- I'll be interested to see what new writer, Andrew Kreisberg has in store for GA&BC.

House of M:Civil War #4(of 5)- This is one of those comics I'm collecting, but I'm not sure why... I know I had a reason when I brought the first issue of this mini-series, but right now, I have no clue. I'll give this a read sometime after the last issue comes out.

Justice League of America #27- Here's hoping this issue is better than the last couple of issues.

Secret Invasion:Dark Reign #1- I only brought this comic to torture myself. I know I'll hate it, but I'll read it regardless. By the way, am I the only one who notices that this whole "Dark Reign" idea is a flagrant rip-off of DC's "Secret Society of Super-Villains"? Just saying...

Batman/Nightwing:Bloodborne- I only picked this comic out to reach the free shipping from my online comic shop. Hopefully it will be worth it.

X-Men:Manifest Destiny #2- I brought this comic for the Juggernaut story in it, that's the only reason. I DEFINITELY won't be buying any more of this series.


  1. Where do you order from again? I'm looking for a good service for the new year for when I move somewhere more remote.

    I'll be looking forward to what you think of both the Batman and Final Crisis issues. I think Final Crisis #5 is a very good "event" comic, and I kind of flipped through the Tec issue today at the store. It looked like it has a lot of Nightwing, so you should enjoy it!

    I've also been meaning to tell you X-Man that you should read the "Batman and Son" trade that came out not too long ago. It will help you understand R.I.P. so much more, and it (I believe) reveals who exactly Batman and Robin will be next year (in Batman #666).

  2. My favorite online comic shop is definitely

    They offer free shipping on orders over $50(which for me is about 3 weeks worth of comics), always have the new books in stock, and offer pretty low prices on shipping under $50(between $3 & $4).

    The only negative is that they don't offer any discount on new books and it takes a long time for my order to arrive(usually between a 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, but since the shipping is free, I can't complain too much). They do have some of the best prices on back issues as well. Usually, I'll load up my shopping cart every Wednesday and when I hit the $50 mark I know it's time to place my order.

    One of the first Batman related DC comics I've ever read was actually the "Batman & Son" hardcover. Since I was a total newbie to the DC universe at the time, I had literally no clue as to what was going on in that hardcover! I was like, "Batman has a son?" "Who the heck is Talia Al Ghul?" "What is a Man-Bat?!?".

    Since you mention it though Kello, I think it would be a real good idea to re-read that hardcover, now that I have a firmer grip on the DCU. My sister actually gave me the "Resurection of Ra's Al Ghul" hardcover months ago, and I still haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I should probably read both of those collections together.