Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Overall- I think I'll post one more review before calling it a night. So, if this review is really bad, don't blame the comic book, blame the fact that I'm barely still awake at this point! This issue is the last part of the Secret Invasion crossover storyline, just so you know.

OK, we left off last issue with Drax pushing a detonator that "killed" every living being on the Knowhere space station(actually they were rendered brain-dead for 90 seconds, but still...). After awakening, Drax now has a fix on the Skrulls, since while they were "dead", they reverted back to they're original Skrull forms. Drax convinces Quasar he killed everybody for a good reason(HA!), and Drax and Quasar rush off to get the Skrulls, who were being hidden by Cosmo, the chief of security on Knowhere. Adam Warlock was battling Cosmo and the Skrulls before "dying", and upon reawakening, Adam begins to attack anew. Cosmo tires of the battle and goes into Adam's mind, convincing him to cease his attack. More on that later.

The rest of the team, after waking up, continue to fight against Starhawk, who wants to kill everyone on the space station for the vague reason of protecting the future. The Guardians manage to take Starhawk down and lock her in a power dampening jail. After doing this, Quasar contacts the team and tells them that along with Drax, she was going after the Skrulls.

Drax and Quasar arrive and find Cosmo, Adam Warlock and the Skrulls standing side by side. Drax figures this makes Adam a traitor or a Skrull, so he attacks. Quasar follows suit, but Cosmo telepathically tells them these Skrulls are no threat and are actually pacifists. The Skrulls Cosmo was hiding were on the run from the Skrulls who were involved with the Secret Invasion on the Earth. Since these pacifist Skrulls didn't want to join the Invasion on Earth, they ran and were being concealed by Cosmo. It was one of the evil, Secret Invasion Skrulls who blew up the teleportor on Knowhere, in an attempt to destroy the space station and kill the pacifist Skrulls.

By this time the rest of the Guardians show up, but are unsure of what is going on and why Drax and company weren't attacking the Skrulls. Before the Guardians can get any answers, the Knowhere security team shows up and begins to attack the Skrulls and the Guardians. Cosmo finally has enough and unleashes a massive telepathic/telekinetic power blast, which knocks out everyone in the room.

The scene shifts to later on, where Star-Lord tells off the ruling council, and states that his team was unfairly blamed for the teleportor explosion, as well as the Skrulls. Star-Lord goes on to tell the council that from now on, the Guardians answered to nobody on Knowhere before storming away, having made his point.

Upon returning to his room, he finds the entire Guardian team angrily waiting for him. Star-Lord, perplexed, ask what the problem is, and finds out that Drax told the whole team that it was Star-Lord and Mantis who tampered with all of their minds, to force them to join up with the Guardians. Star-Lord tries to explain that time was of the essence, and that he couldn't wait for a team to just come together, since the universe was in turmoil when the Guardians first formed. Basically, everyone on the team tells Star-Lord to go f### himself, and they all walk out, leaving Star-Lord and a very confused Mantis behind. Mantis(who can see into the future)tells Star-Lord that this event should have never happened, and that she has no clue as to what to do now, since the future as she saw it is now all wrong. The issue ends with Starhawk, de-powered and sitting in a prison cell smiling a big evil smile.

Another excellent issue, which very nicely answered alot of the questions the past issues brought up. We find out the reason Drax was visiting the teleportor so many times was because he was searching for a young girl he had been travelling with during the Annihilation event. He hasn't been able to locate her and has become worried. That makes perfect sense. We also find out Cosmo wasn't evil, but was trying to protect the pacifist Skrulls, which is why the Skrulls were disguising themselves.

I'll be very interested in seeing what happens to the team now that they know what Star-Lord and Mantis have done to their minds. Needless to say, I can't wait to read the next issue of this great series, which I should be doing tomorrow night. For this issue, I'll give it a strong score of a 9 out of 10. I'm surprised at how much I like each member on this team. There really isn't that one character that I just can't stand, as often is the case in team books. That shows me that the writers know exactly how to write a really good team book. Good job Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, as usual.

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