Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nightwing #120

Overall- Ah, Dick Grayson. Out of every super-hero I've ever read about, and I've read about A LOT of super-heroes, you must be the absolute worst at keeping your secret identity you know, SECRET! Well, before I get into that, allow me to explain just what this comic book was all about.

Dick is still chasing down Jason Todd, who is still dressing up like Nightwing. Dick and Jason clash repeatedly, but Dick always seems to allow Jason to escape. Dick turns to his former landlady from Bludhaven, Clancy, who is now a psychiatrist in New York. Dick asks her what her professional opinion is on why Jason is running around dressing up as him. Dick tells Clancy Jason's full name as well as the fact that Jason is the black sheep of "the family". Jeez Dick, why not tell her who Batman is too while you're at it... Clancy is of the opinion that Jason is idolizing Dick, which is why he is masquerading as Nightwing. Clancy also touches on the fact that Dick was happier before Jason forced him out of semi-retirement, stating that it seems like if not for Jason running the Nightwing name through the mud, Dick wouldn't be donning the costume. Dick doesn't like what he hears so he takes off. Very mature...

Back at Dick's modeling job, Cheyenne asks Dick to model a Nightwing outfit she created. That is so stupid on so many levels that I don't even know what to say... Thankfully, Dick refuses, not wanting to parade around the catwalk dressed as Nightwing. After considering it though, Dick decides to go through with it, figuring if he didn't, Cheyenne may become suspicious. OOOOOK... Dick walks the catwalk dressed as Nightwing, and who is in the crowd sitting with Cheyenne? Why it's Jason Todd! Jason stands up and begins to heckle Dick, who responds by attacking Jason! Why the F### would Dick do that! In a room full of people, with all of them aware that Dick Grayson was modeling a Nightwing outfit, Dick decides to go postal??? Dick and Jason fight all over the theatre, with Dick once again allowing Jason to make a clean escape. Luckily for Dick, the idiots watching the fashion show think the fight was a rigged publicity stunt. Afterwards, Dick also beats a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile, the Pierce twins discover a tape of Dick and Jason both dressed as Nightwing, fighting in the streets of New York. The twins hire a strange little man named Jakob, who watches the tape and decides that Jason is the impostor, and that he and Dick must have some kind of relationship, which would explain why Dick is reluctant to capture Jason. The Pierce twins then tell Jakob to capture Jason, figuring that Jason's capture would cause Dick to walk into a trap.

Back at Dick's apartment, Jason calls him and tells him the 2 of them should meet at certain location later that night. Dick jumps out the window just as Cheyenne breaks into Dick's apartment, to ask him what the hell happened at the fashion show earlier. Cheyenne also overhears Jason's message on Dick's answering machine, and leaves. Dick arrives at Jason predetermined spot, and witnesses a robbery in progress. Dick jumps in to stop the crooks, and is assisted by Cheyenne who demonstrates the ability to discharge electric blasts from her hands. Cheyenne obviously now knows Dick is Nightwing, but Dick also knows that Cheyenne has some kind of meta human powers. Jason, who was watching the entire robbery unfold from a nearby rooftop is confronted by the mysterious Jakob. Jakob informs Jason that he is a telepath, and transforms into a huge monster, before attacking Jason.

What a weird comic book. A lot of pretty stupid stuff happened here, but for some bizarre reason, I kind of liked this comic. Don't ask me why, but I got a kick out of it. Some parts of this comic were so stupid, Dick is modeling the Nightwing costume at a fashion show?!?! He then attacks Jason at the show in front of dozens of witnesses?!?! And on top of that now Cheyenne knows his secret identity? I honestly don't know why Batman doesn't just grab Nightwing and lock him in the Batcave! In the past 120 issues of this comic book, I've actually lost count of how many people know that Dick Grayson and Nightwing are one and the same. Damn Dick, it's supposed to be a SECRET identity... Anyway, even with all the stupidity in this comic, I liked it enough to give it a 7 out of 10. Sometimes there is no accounting for my bad taste!

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