Saturday, January 19, 2013

X-Factor #250

First review(of three!) tonight is X-Factor.  This issue begins the Hell Lords storyline that I've been looking forward to.  Still, a Hell Lord storyline in an X-comic seems... odd...  Eh, let's see how it plays out before I say anything else.

X-Factor #250

Summary:  We get this party started with Wolfsbane's son, Tier(who is twelve now), wandering around Manhattan trying to find X-Factor, as his mother had told him to do.  Unfortunately for Tier, Darwin ends up finding him before he finds X-Factor.  And Darwin has a very big gun and seems prepared to use it on Tier.  Or not, as Darwin hesitates and is run down by Wolfsbane, who tells Tier to hop in while they head to X-Factor.  The two make it to X-Factor's office and upon hearing of their plight, Madrox tells the duo they were welcome to remain with the team for as long as they'd like.  It's then that Darwin bursts in the door.  Naturally.  Darwin fights his way through the team and manages to snag Tier and puts his gun to the boy's head, telling X-Factor that by killing Tier he was saving every life on the planet.  However, Darwin realizes that he wasn't a murderer and can't shoot Tier.  Before things have a chance to calm down, Guido strolls in and begins to beat the hell(heh heh) out of his former teammates, led by Jezebel   Jezebel tells Guido to stop toying with X-Factor and to kill Tier, but before Guido can, everybody is transported to a butte(I know my geography!), where all of the Hell Lords are waiting.  They decree that one of them would kill Tier, at which point their war would be over, ending this issue.

Thoughts:  I liked this comic...  I liked it a lot, actually!  It had everything I enjoy, great dialogue, a good story, engaging characters, and great villains.  I mean, come on, you aren't gonna find better villains than the DEVIL!  And there were a load of devils here!  Mephisto, Satannish, Pluto, Hela, Satana, a who's who of the most powerful demons in the Marvel U.  And I have always been a fan of that aspect of Marvel(in Ghost Rider, Hellstorm, etc), so this storyline seems tailor-made for me.  Throw in Tier, who I like after just one issue, and you have yourself a winning combination.  So yeah, great issue that set the stage for what I'm expecting to be a great storyline leaves X a happy camper.

Score:  9 out of 10.
x-factor #250
When Mephisto shows up, you KNOW it's getting serious!


  1. I can't wait to see where it goes. I mean, it's been building for dozens of issues! I actually thought he did really remarkable stuff with Tier, making him into a convincingly normal 12-year-old boy who really just wants people to stop trying to kill him. I wonder if he'll end up in "Wolverine and the X-Men" at the end of this. It seems like a natural fit for both him and Rahne.

    1. Yup, PAD did some great work with Tier here. He actually seemed like a regular kid, which is why I hope he doesn't end up in Wolvie and the X-Men. One of my(many) gripes about that comic are the way the kids are portrayed. I just don't like any of 'em... Which is weird because I liked Evan in Uncanny X-Force, but I lost all interest in him when he went to Wolvie and the X-Men. So yeah, I'd be very happy if Tier a) survives this storyline and b) stays with X-Factor.