Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Comic Day! January 30th edition

Hey comic fans, JT here with this week's New Comic Day post! After a week of getting my ass kicked by the flu, I'm back in action baby! First things first, thanks to X for covering my books last week, while I sat in bed, ate soup and felt miserable. And that was just from reading Red Hood... but enough about last week, let's see what I'm getting this week. My haul this week includes Aquaman #16, Batman and Robin Annual #1, Injustice: Gods Among Us #1, Invincible #100, Hawkeye #7, Superior Spider-Man #2, Teen Titans #16, and Deathmatch #2. So, with a total of eight books this week, I'll be reviewing Superior Spider-Man #2, Injustice: Gods Among Us #1, and the Batman and Robin Annual. You can expect those reviews on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, respectively. So now I'll pass things over to my buddy X, and til next time, this is JT, signing off!

And now it's X time!  Hey all, happy New Comic Day, and all that jazz.  It's the fifth Wednesday of the month, so I'm kind of surprised to see JT getting so many books...  Usually they reserve the fifth Wednesday for annuals and...  well, nothing...  Hmm, let's see just how many books I should be picking up...  I, Vampire #16, Teen Titans #16, Invincible #100, Avengers #4, Dark Avengers #186, Hawkeye #7, Punisher War Zone #4, Superior Spider-Man #2...  Wait, so I'm only getting 8 comics!?  But that's as many as JT, and I usually get WAY more than him!!  Weird...  Well, I may pick up Deathmatch #2, but only if my shop got the first issue in as I had requested.  So I may get 9, which makes me feel a little bit better.  So 8 books...  Man, my wallet is gonna be SO happy!  Anyway, I have 7 books I can review there(since JT is taking care of Superior), so I'll post three reviews on Thursday, and two on Saturday and Monday.  As for Thursday's reviews?  Definitely Invincible and Hawkeye.  As for the third comic?  It's probably going to be Teen Titans. It's either that or Avengers, and I'm not expecting good things from either of those comics.  And that'll do it.  Another NCD post in the books.  Until tomorrow night?  Yep, X out.


  1. I completely missed your review for avengers 3 somehow. I will say that I enjoyed the issue, but that doesn't mean that I fully understood it. I picked up issue 4 and look forward to reading it though. I am not too big on this book, but I will say that I think you kept the lesser of the two. New avengers is straight character work. Yes, it may be a bit confusing also, but its darker, moodier and the characters are what matters most. The story it ACTUALLY explained through a bunch of scientific jargon, but at least it not all about "pies" haha. I think JT is reading it and though he may not be reading regular avengers I'm think he would agree that new avengers is much more interesting. I have my own gripes about he book (panther being on the team, cap sort of being on the team?) Yea IDK. but the books tie in to each other I guess...

    -On another note! I picked up hawkeye 7, avengers 4, flash 16, war zone 4, and I am torn on superior. So far he has been written more interestingly in other books than his own in my opinion. So i won't know If I am picking this up until later today... As always looking forward to your reviews. Enjoy your reading guys!

    1. Ugh, I'll sadly, and with great regret, be dropping Avengers this coming Wednesday, Cap. I just can't rationalize paying $4 for a book I can't comprehend. I'll hop off until Hickman leaves, then I'll come back. Until that time, I'll pick up Secret Avengers, and possibly Avengers Assemble. As for Superior? I really enjoyed this week's issue. There was way more... well, I don't want to spoil it in case anybody doesn't know(although by now I'd think everybody DOES know!), but there was WAY more of the guy who showed up at the end of the first issue. The humor was pretty on, too. JT has a review for it set to go up tomorrow, but I'd personally give it an 8 1/2-9. Funny stuff, and I think we're starting to build towards the big reveal. But I AM an unabashed Slott fan, so take that into account too!

      If I didn't show up at my comic shop for 3 weeks, I'd prob be walking out with like 6 bags of books! :D And a quick look at the comic site I check every week says that Hellboy in Hell #3 drops next week, TRobb.

    2. Thanks man! I was fearing the worst when I went in, but my tab was surprisingly light. I got something like 15 comics, and that was with a handful I grabbed off the shelf too. I'm very grateful for the lull too, gives me more time to catch up on things (still reading books from December, LOL).

      As an aside, it's funny how much my shop owner rages against Slott ever since this whole story broke. He's a very knowledgeable guy and I respect his opinion, but he just HATES Superior Spidey with a passion. And he's not the only one - he said that SSM is drawing half the subsribers ASM did, and he expects to lose even more when issue 3 drops.

      I actually bought SSM 1 and 2 this weekend. I rationalized the purchase based on the art (Stegman is my guy) and the very positive reviews for issue 2 I've read.

    3. 15 comics? That's a normal week for me! :D Actually it's been a while since my last 15+ book week, which I'm fine with! I'm sure I'll be spending tons of money in the Spring when that Ultron event starts up, so I'm happy to save up now. Honestly? If it wasn't for the blog, I'd probably be as backed up as you are, TRobb. I remember having like a stack of X-Men Legacy, Moon Knight and other comics I was subscribed to but wasn't all that interested in reading... In retrospect, subscribing to a mess of comics was a bad idea because you'd end up getting a writer change on a book, the quality would go WAY down, and you'd end up being stuck with like 8 issues of a series that sucked...

      Well, here's hoping you enjoyed SSM #1 & 2. The numbers for those two issues should be out in the next week or so, and I'll be interested to see how issue #2 sold, since you know issue #1 probably sold an insane amount of books. The guy at my shop hasn't mentioned SSM as a book getting a lot of drops, instead we were just talking about Justice League and Green Lantern, and how many people have been dumping those series. I was surprised to hear that about JL(which is still selling strong), but GL wasn't a huge surprised, that series has been dropping down the charts little by little. It may be time for somebody else to take that book over and see what they can do...

    4. I remember the days when that was a normal week for you X, haha. I just think the release schedule has been light - Marvel's laid off the double-shipping (for now).

      Being so far behind makes me appreciate even more the hard work that goes into keeping a weekly comic blog. Pat yourselves on the back guys, you deserve it.

      Yeah, since I tend to fall behind, I try to keep my actual subscription list pretty lean, only limiting my pulls to books that may sell out before I get to the shop (Hawkeye, Daredevil) or books that I'd be mad if I didn't get (anything by Remender, Gillen, or Waid).

      I just read the second to last issue of Uncanny X-Force, so great *sob*!!!! Is it too early to put Remender's masterpiece up with the greatest X-Men runs of all time?

    5. Here's hoping Marvel continues to lay off the double-shipping! Although I think another issue of Avengers and Superior drops tomorrow. Already...

      Thanks! Tbh, JT and I have gotten a pretty good schedule down, which makes it way easier nowadays. Now running the blog alone? THAT was tough!

      I'd agree with Uncanny X-Force being up there among the greatest X-runs ever. It was definitely my favorite X-run, hands down in... Man, quite a long time! And I tend to be hyper-critical of all things X, so that's like the highest praise I can give an X-comic! There were three storylines that REALLY stand out in Remender's run, which is pretty damn impressive.

  2. I'm so grateful it's a light week! Haven't been to the shop in three weeks, and my pull list is going to be huuge.

    Does anybody know if Hellboy in Hell 3 is out yet?