Thursday, January 3, 2013

Teen Titans #15

First things first, there's a bit of a change in plans review-wise for me this week.  After a bit of a mistake at the comic shop on Wednesday, I didn't end up getting Iron Man #5.  I probably won't see that comic until next Wednesday, which means I won't be able to review it this week.  Instead, I'll be reviewing American Vampire #34 on Tuesday.  It also means my first review this week is Teen Titans from both my AND JT's least favorite writer of 2012, yes, none other than Scott Lobdell.  Will Lobdell become a better writer in 2013?  HA!!  Yeah, I doubt it.  Regardless, here's the Teen Titans portion of Batman's Death of the Family.

Teen Titans #15

Summary: Joker has kidnapped Red Robin off panel because why not.  The Teen Titans come to Gotham and find Batgirl #1, who first tries to scare them away, and then tells them to hit Joker's previous crime scenes since he's reliving them in this storyline.  However, Joker was expecting that(because he's Batman-smart now!) and has it set up that Kid Flash accidentally spreads Joker Gas to the various bums of Gotham City.  Before the Teen Titans find themselves swarmed by Joker-fied bums, Arsenal and Starfire show up to pitch in.  Oh yeah, and Joker was back to his whole, "I know who you really are!!!  Maybe!!!" routine with Red Robin.

Thoughts: How's that for a quick review!  This issue was... well, it wasn't horrible!  And for a comic book written by Scott Lobdell in the 21st century, that's about as good as I could possibly hope for.  However, it wasn't anything new or interesting either.  Joker talked to Red Robin a lot, and the Teen Titans got into trouble.  That one sentence sums up this entire issue.  However, Joker didn't reveal himself to be Red Robin's creator, nor did the All-Caste show up, so hey, I'll count that as a win for me!

Score: 6 out of 10.
teen titans #15
Yep, Joker is STILL playing the name game...


  1. Out of a drunken state from New Years Eve I almost considered possibly reading this since it tied in with the Joker lol. But then I said naaaah, lol.

    Who did the art by the way?! Joker skins looks so white lol.

  2. HA HA HA, so true about the All-Caste!

    I have to say, this secret identity thing is driving me to drink. Yes, Tim. Joker stripped you naked and put you in your old costume. I think it's possible that he took a peek under your domino mask, excellent protector of your identity that it is.