Thursday, January 31, 2013

Invincible #100

First review of this week?  That'll be the 100th issue of Invincible.  This series was once right at the top of my must read list, but has recently fallen way down that list...  I don't know what it is, but this title has lost something after the Viltrumite War.  Nothing really important has happened.  The past 25 issues or so are just a blur.  Here's hoping THIS is the issue that turns all of that around, and begins a new era of greatness for this series.

Invincible #100

Summary: This issue begins with Dinosaurus killing Invincible off(!?!).  Well, I figured that was a possibility, but that was pretty low on my list!  But wait!  It turns out Dinosaurus had switched the real Invincible with a clone, which he had learned how to create during his time on the Viltrumite ship, meaning Invincible was still alive... Well, that was a fast death and rebirth!  Dinosaurus tells Invincible that with everybody thinking he was dead, they could continue their work(really!?).  Invincible basically has my response to that, which is, "really?!", and tells Dinosaurus that instead of pushing humanity towards doing things differently, and looking towards cleaner energy, their actions may have had the opposite effect, leading humanity to stagnation and the same old ideas.  Dinosaurus realizes that Invincible was right, and asks Invincible to kill him, which he seemingly does, but off-panel, so who knows.  Invincible walks out of Dinosaurus's base, and is met by Cecil Stedman(Yeah!!).  Cecil and Invincible talk, and Invincible learns that Dinosaurus's plot killed nearly 1 million people.  Invincible is ready to head off to jail for his role in Dinosaurus's mad plans, but Cecil offers him an alternative...  Work with Cecil and the government again, and there's no prison.  Invincible agrees to this idea and heads home to see his parents and Eve.  This issue ends with Eve telling Invincible that she was pregnant...  Again...

Thoughts: Hey, this issue wasn't bad!  This issue was actually going to decide for me whether or not I'd continue buying this series or not.  After reading this?  Yeah, I'll be sticking around for a while.  Invincible basically admitted that he had been making all the wrong decisions and basically acting like a jerk, which is what's been bothering me with him for several issues now.  Now he's working with the awesome Cecil again, and Eve is pregnant again.  Yeah, this isn't exactly breaking any new ground, but hey, this is what I liked about Invincible when I got hooked on the series.  I also liked the fact that NOBODY died!  Well, except for maybe Dinosaurus and like a million people, but none of the characters in this series!  So kudos to Robert Kirkman for avoiding the old tried and true, "It's an anniversary issue, somebody big MUST DIE!!!!!"  So I'll be hanging around for the near future.

Score: 8 out of 10.
invincible atom eve invincible #100
I wish I could just blame everything on a clone...


  1. I didn't like it at first but after re-reading it 4 more times I started to enjoy it more each time. Although to me It just felt like we learned about Dinosaurus using a clone Invincible too fast and I must be honest Eve being pregnant again is pretty dumb have they not heard of birth control? Other than that it was a pretty solid issue as always I will continue to read Invincible I hope it can go back to the greatness it once was.

    1. HA! I swear, I meant to put a line about birth control in this review, but totally forgot, Astrovik! I mean, really!? Again?! But yeah, I like the idea of going back to the basics for the next few issues. Mark kind of needs to be guided again after the mess he's made of things the past several issues.

  2. Alright...

    I'm done with this series. I don't... I just don't get it. You bill something as EVERYONE dies... which is literally just a publicity stunt, because no one of importance dies. Then, the sham of a death for Mark, where we literally saw him ripped in half, only for it to be a clone...that was created specifically for the purpose of being ripped in half. Really? Really? And then... Dinosaurus, the most stubborn person in the history of this comic, is convinced... by a pretty much UNCONSCIOUS Invincible that he's wrong. So, it's not enough that he and Invincible caused the death of Las Vegas and Millions...but it's Mark's "rousing speech!" that not only convinces Dinosaurus he was wrong...but convinces him to want Mark to kill him. The worse part.... is that he's probably NOT DEAD since we didn't even get to SEE him die... and we saw his jaws yanked damn near off a few issues back.

    Also... Nothing bad ever seems to happen to Mark! His dad's a giant wait, he's back and dating his mom... Eve's dead! No wait... she healed...from death. Mark's he's gonna heal on a planet while his dad and bro take care of him. Oh no, Now he has the scourge virus, his arm exploded and he sucks at sex. Wait no, his powers are back WHILE he's having sex! And... he's dead, wait no, sorry that was a clone... that was made solely to be ripped in half.

    I just hated it, it felt like a slap in the face, especially since Mark should FINALLY be paying for everything he's done to fuck up but instead, he's right back at the status quo, working with Cecil. Meaning I literally could've skipped like thirty issues and not missed a damn thing. And don't get me started on Eve's pregnancy. Sorry Invincible, you had a good run.

    1. Yes! This was the epic rant I was waiting for! Because I'm weird...

      I stand by what I said about nobody dying. I liked that. I'm tired of the old, "It's an anniversary issue, somebody MUST DIE!!!111!!1!" I like that nobody of any importance did die. Especially Oliver, since I was sure he'd be the one to go. You are SO bloodthirsty, JT! I'll give you that the speech was dumb... I reread that speech before I did this review, and I didn't get what was so impactful that it caused Dinosaurus to want to off himself(Mark: "Maybe you're doing more harm, Dinosaurus..." Dinosaurus: "NOOOOOO!!!"). That seemed like an overly simple way to get rid of that character(for now). Plus, wasn't the guy who turns into Dinosaurus, like, not even interested in BEING Dinosaurus?! Why kill him when he was innocent!? So yeah, that's what DID bug me about this one.

      As for Mark, bad things DO happen to him, he just gets over them. I mean bad things happen to Batman, but he keeps going. Hell, Spidey DIED and he's still going! :P

      I kind of/sort of agree with the fact that Mark should be paying for what he's allowed to happen. Dinosaurus was safely locked away, it was Mark who decided to break him out. Which destroyed Las Vegas. And then led to the world getting flooded... But I think the fact that he screwed up SO badly will lead to him looking in the mirror and changing his ways. Plus Cecil will keep him in check, because Cecil rules.

      Even Eve's pregnancy can be interesting if she really DID lose the baby the first time around(which I still wonder about). Now she has to worry that she may lose the baby again, plus this time Mark is actually on earth and not gallivanting around space.

    2. I don't want a death because it was the 100th issue. I want a death because it was called the DEATH OF EVERYONE. And they specifically made teasers where Main characters died only to slap us in the face and say "PSYCHE, No one important died, take THAT. Now give us your nine bucks for these three issues."

      Exactly! Dinosaurus' human side was innocent, yet he dies, Dinosaurus kills millions and Vegas and "died", and Mark who was literally his accomplice for the deaths didnt even get a slap on the wrist! He got...a fucking promotion. He killed a million people thanks to freeing a known villain, and he got his old job back, complete with health insurance, money and shit since he clearly needs to pay bills for himself and Eve, and didn't get in trouble at ALL. That would be like someone freeing Hussein when they caught him, allowing him to literally kill a MILLION PEOPLE, then they got their nice cushy government job back.

      And yeah, but when things happen to Spidey and Bats at least it TAKES a minute. Jason didn't die and come back the same issue like Eve did. Spidey's been dead a month, Invincible didn't make it HALF AN ISSUE.

      Meh. They literally played this card and fucked it up because they had a TON of potential, instead they used it to make Eve chubby, and now they wanna play the same card again... so Eve is SO stupid, she allowed Mark to get her pregnant twice. TWICE. So she literally almost got pregnant while Mark was dead...twice.