Monday, January 14, 2013

The Walking Dead #106

Hey guys and gals, as you've obciously seen by now, X was feeling better and came back to the blog early, so welcome back X, hope you continue to feel better, playa. Now, for my last review of the week, I'm gonna tackle The Walking Dead, so let's see how the gang deals with Carl's disappearance.

The Walking Dead #106

Summary: This issue starts out with the fallout of the ironing by Negan, as we see Carl asking Negan if he can wrap his face up again. Negan tells him no, and Carl get's defensive, which riles Negan up, since he's a fan of Carl being a little bad-ass. He asks Carl how he should torture him, since he obviously can't let him go unscathed, but Carl, defiant as always, tells Negan he should kill himself and save Carl the trouble of doing it, which gets a big laugh out of Negan. Back with Rick and the gang, we see them taking out Walkers as Rick seems to be more angry than usual. While they do so, we see Spencer, the guy who fancied Andrea a bit is pretty jealous, which probably won't bode well for him, Andrea, or Rick, as anyone who's read this series can tell. Eventually, Jesus returns and wakes Rick up, ready to give him the info he's got from spying on Negan's crew. It turns out Rick has told everyone that Carl's disappeared, and although he thinks Negan took him, he's been playing dumb so he doesn't rile up the rest of the community. Jesus tells Rick he's found Negan's camp, and he heard automatic fire there, and Rick says Abraham's machine gun is missing, putting two and two together that Carl is obviously at Negan's camp. Jesus says he can take him there in the morning, but Rick says he can't wait that long. Rick, Jesus, Andrea and Michonne pile into a van and head off towards Negan's camp, planning to confront them head on and just ask for Carl back, when they're met at the halfway point by Negan and his men. Negan confronts Rick and says he has something for Rick, and the issue ends as Negan tells Rick he can't wait until Rick see's what he's done to his little boy.

Thoughts: Man... talk about a cliffhanger. I can't wait to see what Negan's done to Carl, and Negan has been established as such a sick son of a bitch in his few appearances so far, it could literally be ANYTHING. I put nothing past this guy... and I'm wondering what Rick's reaction will be as well. Hell... I wouldn't be surprised if Negan took Carl's other eye.... or took a hand to make him match his dad. Just my imagination alone if probably worse than what Negan's done. As for this issue, I enjoyed the character development here, especially with Spencer's jealousy. He was basically the prince of that community for a while, now Rick's in charge and has Andrea, so I wouldn't be surprised if he lashed out at one of them. All in all, this was an enjoyable issue, and really set up some big things for the upcoming issues.

Score: 7.5/10

Negan: I can't fucking wait until you see what I've done to your little boy!


  1. I think we all are curious as to what Negan has done to carl. I seriously regretted reading this issue due to the fact I have to wait! This definitely did't fill the Walking Dead void I have from the show, lol, but call me crazy, but I like Negan lol. He's so sick and twisted I'm anxious to see what he does next. He's so unpredictable and a step up from the Governor, who at the time I thought was the worst human being ever, lol.

    I've been patiently waiting for Spencer to screw something up or someone. He's a time bomb ready to explode and when he does, all hell will break loose, lol.

  2. Lol I couldn't agree more about the show, but luckily it'll be back next month. And I agree, Negan is so...likeable as a bad guy because he's such an asshole. He's everything a bad guy should be, so you wanna see him get his. Yeah, he makes the Governor look tame, which is insane considering everything he did, and the fact Negan's been around for like seven issues...

    Same, it's just a matter of time until Spencer messes something up...