Saturday, January 5, 2013

Venom #29

Second X review for the week is the latest issue of Venom.  I don't think anybody would really argue with me when I say Cullen Bunn has thus far done an abysmal job with this series for the most part.  With that said, issue #28 wasn't that bad!  Here's hoping Bunn carries the momentum from the last issue into this one.

Venom #29

Summary: We pick up from last issue and find out that Flash had faked his death in order to get the U-Foes away from him and the civilians caught in the crossfire of his battle with said villains.  From there, we head to some warehouse and find that reporter, Katy, hooked up to some weird machine.  The U-Foes leader, Vector, has been kidnapping people and playing mad scientist with them in order to figure out what the weird machine does.  Instead of killing Katy, as it had a mess of other people, it shows her memories(?!) because, well, why not, I guess...  Venom tracks down the U-Foes and Katy by retracing her footsteps and attacks the U-Foes and their henchmen, this time with Valkyrie by his side.  Unfortunately, Venom and Valkyrie are still outnumbered and fall to the U-Foes.  This issue ends with the Venom symbiote taking over for the unconscious Flash.

Thoughts: Eh.  This was an okay comic, nothing more, nothing less.  It was pretty boring at times(Flash tracking down Katy probably didn't have to be shown in such detail...), but the climatic battle was kind of fun.  Cliffhanger-wise, this was an odd one, since instead of ending with Flash and Valkyrie down and out at the feet of the U-Foes, we have the symbiote taking over and preparing to attack.  Anyway, this issue was better than the weird start to Bunn's run on this title(Venom vs demons?!  I still don't get that...), but was a bit of a step back from the last issue.

Score: 6 out of 10.
venom #29
Sweet, it's old school Venom!


  1. Hmm... He isn't fully transformed as Venom and is talking in the first person singular. I hope it isn't "Venom" venom but something different. We'll see I guess.

  2. I think I'm just happy that we're not dealing with demons and devils anymore that I was pretty happy with this issue. (Plus, I have an inexplicable love of the U-Foes.) I'm hoping that Bunn actually has Flash and Katy try to track down this Project Rainbow for a while, since I think it could actually give some focus to this series, rather than just bouncing from premise to premise as it's done.

    1. I actually LOVED the inclusion of the U-Foes here, JW! They are exactly what Venom should be fighting! Not demons and the rest. I still don't get why Bunn wants to saddle Venom with demons...