Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daredevil #22

Final review of this Thursday night is going to be the other Mark Waid comic I picked up yesterday, Daredevil.  Now THIS one should be interesting as we have the new, Superior Spider-Man and Ol' Hornhead meeting up for the first time.  I expect nothing but great things here.

Daredevil #22

Summary:  This issue gets underway by showing us that Matt Murdock was very nearly broke after he split with Foggy Nelson after a fight.  While Matt is contemplating what to do about his lack of income, he's attacked by Spider-Man, who had been told by Assistant DA McDuffie(who had heard from a drunken Foggy) that Daredevil had gone insane and become a public menace...  It's a long story...  Anyway, the two fight and Daredevil tries to puzzle out what was wrong with Spidey, especially since physically he had passed all of DD's tests.  Before the fight can go too far, Stilt-Man tries to rob a helicopter...  Yes, really.  The two heroes(I'm not sure I should use "heroes" here, actually...) put aside their differences and even manage some teamwork in taking down Stilt-Man.  Afterwards, the two talk and DD manages to convince Spidey that he wasn't insane or a menace.  DD asks Spidey if anything was bothering him, but Spidey naturally says no, before swinging back to his own book.  From there, Matt buys a pie from Foggy's favorite bakery and gives it to Foggy as an apology, which leads to the two talking out their differences and going back into business   However, this one ends with a shock as Foggy reveals to Matt that his doctors believe he had cancer...

Thoughts: Well that ending sure hits close to home...  This issue was extremely good, of which I'd expect no less.  Waid captured Spidey/Ock's dialogue SO well here, and actually made me laugh out loud a few times, especially when Spidey and Stilt-Man were using the same dialogue.  I'm glad somebody, in this case, Daredevil, called Spidey on his super-villain-ish dialogue!  Everybody in Superior Spidey seems oblivious to Peter's recent dialogue.  The dialogue was great, the story was good, this was a very solid issue with a strong cliffhanger.  What more could a DD fan like myself ask for?

Score:  8 1/2 out of 10.
daredevil #22
Spidey's dialogue here is epic!


  1. "its Horn-head, not Hornedhead" haha this was a really fun read. Mark waid is always consitent ever since I first read any of his work. From Empire to Flash to Irredeemable to this. ALways good reads.

    -I may end up dropping superior Spidey. In This book and Avenging, Ock-spidey is at least holding back and is somwhwat remorseful and mindful of how he acts. Whereas in the main title hes just a snide jerk that has no problem with his actions or how he appears to others. Proof to me that waid and others can handle spidey better than slott. Not knocking slott as a writer at all, but I think others understand his concept better than he does.

  2. Yeah, I'm really glad Waid is getting some good books from Marvel. He's one of the few guys from the 90's who has actually evolved and is STILL a great writer today. His Flash work was FANTASTIC(it makes me angry just thinking that according to DC that never happened...), and Irredeemable was one of my favorite monthly books. Definitely one of the more talented writers in comics.

    Huh, that's a surprise. I will say that Ock has been... strange, thus far. JT and I even spoke about that a while back. I think it was the point one issue of Avenging where Ock was really happy that he had killed Peter(which was by Yost), while he was remorseful at the end of ASM #700(which was by Slott). I guess each writer will have their own vision for how Ock is going to act, which is fine by me. I can't wait to see how other writers decide to write this Spidey. I DID love the fact that Spidey used the line, "The die is cast!" in both Avenging and here. Nice continuity by Yost and Waid on that!