Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Comic Day! January 23rd edition.

Hey comic fans, JT here with this week's New Comic day post! After an awesome last week of X posting like a mad man, a crazy amount of visits to the blog according to our stats, and me, finding my comedic voice once again in my reviews, let's see what this week has for us. The comics I plan on picking up this week are Green Lantern #16, Justice League #16, Nightwing #16, Red Hood and the Outlaws #16, Bedlam #3, Uncanny Avengers #3 and Young Avengers #1. So, being the great guy I am, I've decided to let X take Uncanny Avengers and Young Avengers, meaning I'm gonna torture myself by taking a Lobdell comic... So this week I plan on reviewing Green Lantern #16, Nightwing #16 and Red Hood and the Outlaws #16. You can expect those three reviews on my review days, which are Friday, Sunday and Tuesday.  Now, with that settled, I'll hand things over to my fellow Uncanny blogger, X. Til next time, this is JT, signing off!

Hey all, X here to polish this here little post off.  Let's get started with me filling you guys in on what books I'll be getting this week...  Hellblazer #299, Nightwing #16, Red Hood and the Outlaws #16, Hell Yeah #6, A + X #4, Avengers #3, FF #3, Ultimates #20, Uncanny Avengers #3, Winter Soldier #14, Young Avengers #1(!!!).  So 11 books(possibly 12 if I decide to get the Superboy annual, I'm on the fence with that), makes this a nice, easy comic week!  Any time I'm getting under 14 books, I'm happy!  Anyway, when Marvel first announced Marvel Now!, I was looking forward to a number of books, but none more so than Young Avengers.  THAT is the series I've been waiting SO long to get my hands on.  So needless to say, expect that review up before any other comic.  Speaking of my reviewing schedule, I'll be covering Thursday, Saturday and Monday this week.  And since JT is taking care of Nightwing and Red Hood, that leaves me with 9 comics to review, which works out to a perfect 3 comics each of my review nights.  On Thursday I'll be posting Young Avengers, Uncanny Avengers and... um, either A+X or Winter Soldier.  And that just about wraps this post up.  Until next time(which should be tomorrow), X out!


  1. Light week for me! I only picked up uncanny avengers #3 are you kidding me?! other books are on issue 6 and this launched in September! I love Cassaday, but I will be glad when Acuna jumps on as regular artist.

    The other books I picked up are Winter soldier 14 ( is any one else torn on jumping off after this issue?) I need to lighten my pull and brubaker leaving i feel may be a good shot. Maybe I'll skim the 15th issue and look for reviews.

    -Avengers #3-considering a drop on this one depending this issue. and TMNT- Secret history of the foot clan- this is great stuff!

    -Looking forward to your reviews on UA #3 Avengers #3 and Winter solider 14. I've read winter soldier and it is solid stuff as always from brubaker, so sad this guy is moving on from marvel, maybe comics in general.

  2. I don't know Cap... I'm kind of happy that Uncanny Avengers is only coming out around once a month! If only because it's not a major drain on my money! I mean I've been enjoying All New X-Men, but 3 times a month, at $4 a pop is a bit much...

    I'll stick with Winter Soldier even after Brubaker goes, mainly because of how much I like the Bucky character, but man am I going to miss Brubaker's writing on that book... I will say this, Winter Soldier will probably be on a short leash going forward.

    As for Avengers... Yeah, I don't know how much longer I can stick it out with that series... I'm seriously debating going back to Avengers Assemble and dropping Avengers...