Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DMC: Devil May Cry #1

Well, here's a first for the blog.  Since I don't have anything else to review for the week, I'm going to review that DMC digital comic that came out last Wednesday.  Not only is this the first digital comic I've ever reviewed here at the blog, it's the first digital comic I've ever read!  So let's see what we have here...

DMC: Devil May Cry #1

Summary: This issue kicks off with a girl named Kat getting caught in the middle of what seemed to be a terrorist attack.  However, it turned out the terrorist was actually killing demons who were posing as humans.  The "terrorist" is a guy named Virgil, and it turns out he had been searching for Kat, who has some sort of psychic abilities(which she knows nothing about).  However, he is forced to abandon her with the arrival of the police.  Kat ends up in prison, since the cops suspected she was Virgil's accomplice.  While there, she has a nightmare where a massive demon is trying to kill her, when Vilgil's voice tells her to allow him into her dreams so he could help.  With no real choice, Kat does as Virgil asks, and Virgil kills the demon before helping Kat wake up.  Virgil then tells her his story, that he was a demon/angel hybrid who was trying to save the planet from the clutches of a demon-lord named Mundus, while explaining she had psychic powers which allowed her to travel through the demonic Limbo dimension.  Virgil goes on to tell her that she would almost definitely be taken to a demon-run prison called Hellfire, where Virgil's long lost brother Dante was being held.  It seems that Dante is the best hope in defeating Mundus and halting the demonic incursion.  With that, Virgil drops into Limbo, while Kat sends her astral projection there(since only demons could physically travel through Limbo).  The two chat some more while Kat gets dragged to Hellfire since the prison guards spotted Virgil in her cell, thus confirming(to them) that the two were working together   Virgil tells her she has to be tough and try to find out what became of Dante, all the while enduring the worst punishments the demons would be throwing at her.

Thoughts: Eh.  This comic was alright, I guess...  The focus was more on Kat than Virgil, even through the comic's subtitle is "The Chronicles of Virgil".  Virgil gives us a super-brief look at his past(he ended up in a foster home with rich parents), but we know little about him besides the fact that he's a hybrid and that he was trying to stop Mundus.  That kind of bugged me since I picked up this mini hoping it would be more Virgil-centric.  I loved playing as Virgil in the third Devil May Cry game for the PS2, as well as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the PS3, so yeah, I'm a bit of a fan of the character.  All in all, this comic was an okay read(although the $3.99 cover price was STEEP for a book from a publisher I'd never heard of before!), but little more...  I'll have to think long and hard before shelling out for the second issue...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.

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