Friday, January 25, 2013

While JT's away...

Hey X-maniacs, X here!  Now I know this is usually the time you guys stop by the blog to see what my great friend, JT, has posted.  However, JT has come down with a wicked illness and asked me if I could handle his posts for the week.  Since I'm already planning on reviewing 9 books as it is, what's another three?  So I'll be handling Red Hood and the Outlaws #16(tonight at 8), Nightwing #16(Sunday night), and since I don't read Green Lantern, I'm gonna do a review on the DMC: Devil May Cry digital comic book for Tuesday night.  Sorry, GL fans.  Anyway, those are the current plans.  Feel better JT!  And for the rest of you guys, until tonight, X out.

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