Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fantastic Four #3

Another X night as I polish off two more comics before tomorrow and New Comic Day.  The first review of the night will be Matt Fraction's Fantastic Four.  In a half an hour?  It's Ultimate X-Men.  Let's get to it.

Fantastic Four #3:

Summary: Reed has set up an educational mission for his kids on a planet that seemed to be formed from unstable molecules.  Besides giving the kids something to do, Reed is hoping to learn something about the ongoing breakdown of his own molecules on that planet.  After a lot of bickering from the kids, the time comes for Reed, Sue, Johnny and the kids to land on the planet.  Unfortunately, the planet tries to... well, eat the group, which leads to Sue having to wrap everybody up in her force field.  The Thing leaps down from orbit to help(really?!), which gives Reed, Sue and the kids the opportunity to get into their landing craft.  Johnny heads off to help Ben, while Reed reaches out of the craft to snag Ben, pulling him to safety   The group heads back to their spacecraft and that's that.

Thoughts: This issue definitely wasn't up to the level of the first two, that's for sure.  The story was nothing, and the kids were SO annoying!  They were annoying to the point of me not wanting to read their dialogue anymore.  They were that annoying!  As for the story, it was a pretty empty little one and done.  The Family Richards explore an alien planet.  The planet tries to eat them.  The group escapes with their lives.  Meh.  This issue is the first one that actually made me wonder if the storyline going on in this series has any legs...  Next issue should be pretty telling.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
fantastic four #3
SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

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