Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Comic Day! January 9th edition

Hey guys and gals, JT here with this week's New Comic Day post! I'll be running things here at the blog this week due to my buddy X being a bit under the weather, so now's the best time to come to the blog because it's all JT all the time and none of that other guy. But enough about the namesake of the blog, let's see what yours truly picked up at the comic shop this week, shall we? This week I picked up the following books, Detective Comics #16, Earth 2 #8, Legends of the Dark Knight #4, Smallville: Season 11 #9, Walking Dead #106, Avengers Arena #3, Scarlet Spider #13, Superior Spider-Man #1, Thor: God of Thunder #4 and lastly, Thunderbolts #3. So this week I came away with ten books, not too shabby if I do say so myself. As for reviews, I'll guarantee at least three, I'll try for more if I can but I won't promise any more than three, and those three will be Superior Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, The Walking Dead. So expect to see those up, and hopefully by the next NCD post X will be back to help lighten the load and probably throw a few friendly barbs my way, since he's... ya know, a jerk. But that's it for me for today, I'll see you guys tomorrow with my review of Superior Spider-Man #1, until then, this is JT signing off!

PS: Quick question, for those of you that check the blog daily, would you prefer that all posts went up at 8:00 PM Eastern time like X posts his? Or do you prefer that the posts go up earlier, around 2-3 PM EST time like I currently do? I'm just curious.


  1. Scarlet Spider is a very good book, if not quite on par with the best books Marvel offers. Kaine is very interesting as a clone trying to forge his own life, and the supporting characters have been likeable as well. The art has been generally good too, even after Ryan Stegman passed the baton off to Khoi Pham. Recommended if you like a more character-driven book featuring Kaine and a host of lesser-known and/or new characters.

    If I had to choose between the times, I'd say the 2-3 PM posting time is better. Gives me a reason to check the blog during the workday ;)

  2. So, where's the petition I need to sign to bring my X back?! Lol. JK!! You know I love you JT.

    Well, I'm going to borrow the spotlight and say, I am glad to be back to the blog world!!! I was slacking the last few months of 2012 due to JT getting me addicted to Pokemon White. I was almost 100 issues behind in comics and well, I didn't even feel right coming to the blog to say anything since I had not read much, lol. But I am 90% caught up and I am back!

    Now on to business, let's see what I am looking forward to reading this week: Detective Comics #16, Earth 2 #8(Please do this within the next day or so, lol), Legends of the Dark Knight #4, Walking Dead #106, Avengers Arena #3, Scarlet Spider #13, Superior Spider-Man #1, Thor: God of Thunder #4, Thunderbolts #3.

    Can't wait to read Superior Spider-Man. I think I'll attempt to read it now. lol.

  3. Tom - I couldn't put it better than TRobb did, Scarlet Spider has been pretty damn good, although if you do check it out, I'd advise you to skip the whole Minimum Carnage thing, that was...yeah.

    Trobb - Thanks for the info TRobb, I was thinking about moving my posts to 8 along with X just to keep a set time, I haven't decided yet though.

    Lisha - Glad you're all caught up, and I didn't get you addicted... I just told you how awesome the game was, lol. And I probably won't review Earth 2, although that twist was surprising, but other than that I barely even remember what happened in that comic, which can't be a good thing.