Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Comic Day! January 2nd edition

Happy New Year comic readers! JT here with the first New Comic Day post of 2013! I'm kicking things off then my buddy X is gonna let you guys know what he's picking up and reviewing, but first things first I wanna remind you guys that if you haven't already checked them out, remember to check the 2012 Year End awards by yours truly and X and see what we thought were some of the best and worst things of 2012. Now let's get to the comic haul! This week I'm picking up Batman: The Dark Knight #15, Invincible #99, All New X-Men #5, Teen Titans #15 and Ultimate Spider-Man #19. I plan on reviewing All New X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man and Invincible, and my review days for this week are Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday, so you can expect those reviews up on those days, now I'm gonna hand things over to the Master of Ceremonies, my buddy X. Til next time, this is JT signing off! (Yes, you can have your line back.)

X here, chiming in for my half of the NCD post.  After all the writing I put into the Year End Extravaganza(which you can conveniently find HERE), I'm going get right to the point of this post, the comics I'm picking up today...  And they are...  Hypernaturals #7, American Vampire #34, I, Vampire #15, Teen Titans #15, Fatale #11, Invincible #99, All New X-Men #5, Iron Man #5, Venom #29.  So a few less than usual, which is fine, because I'm still recovering from the mammoth 24 book week two weeks ago.  Anyway, I'll be reviewing...  Jeez, JT, you sure didn't leave me with a lot to review this week, now did you?!  Um, I'll tackle Iron Man, Teen Titans(Ugh) and... I don't know...  Venom?  I guess?  That could very well change though.  But that's the plan for right now.  My review days are Friday, Sunday and Tuesday.  There we go, that was a nice, brisk post.  Until next time?  You guessed it, X out.

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