Monday, January 21, 2013

Grifter #16

Now here's a review I expect nobody to read.  Mainly because nobody has been reading this series, which is why this is the last issue.  That's kind of sad, because the main(and only!) thing I liked about the DC reboot was the fact that it brought the Wildstorm characters into the mainstream DCU.  Unfortunately, DC has seemingly zero interest in actually promoting those characters, which has led to most of the Wildstorm related series being canceled.  Seriously, would it have hurt DC to add a big name writer to this series?  A Scott Snyder, or Grant Morrison, or somebody of that stature, instead of Rob Liefeld!?  Eh, no sense crying over spilled milk or missed opportunities, here's the final issue of Grifter.

Grifter #16(Final Issue): 

Summary: Grifter meets up with the ever mysterious Warick in a zoo, where Warick was apparently going to provide some insight into how/why Grifter had powers.  Apparently, Grifter was created/enhanced by Daemonite scientists who were opposed to the Daemonite highlord, Helspont.  Helspont learned of this and destroyed everybody involved with the program, with the exception of Warick and Grifter.  Grifter doesn't buy the story and tells Warick he was done with this whole Daemonite mess, which leads to Warick punching Grifter in the face and then running away...  Wha?!  Grifter, annoyed by the whole, "being punked out" thing, chases after Warick, eventually catching up to him at the polar bear habitat.  However, the two are approached by Amanda Waller and a mess of agents.  Waller tells the two that she had been following Grifter with the purpose of capturing Warick...  For some reason...  Warick tells Grifter he was on his own from now on, before hopping into the waiting claws of the polar bears, leading to him getting mauled to death.  From there, Grifter visits his brother Max's grave and states that he needed some time to himself before deciding what to do next.  This issue(and series) concludes with Helspont watching as Grifter walks away from his brother's grave, knowing that one day their paths would cross again.

Thoughts: Hmm...  I have to say, the addition of Warick to this series?  Terrible.  I didn't get it when he first popped up, and I still don't get what his purpose was after finishing off this series.  All he'd do is pop up, say weird stuff, and disappear.  Or in the case of this issue, pop up, say weird stuff, and then get eaten by polar bears...  Seriously, who would choose suicide by polar bear?!  That's gotta be WAY low on my list of potential ways to off oneself...  I didn't like the reveal that Grifter was supposedly a Daemonite science experiment, and I didn't get why there was no Voodoo in this issue...  Wasn't she supposed to be co-starring in this series after her book got the axe?  Bottom line?  DC has seriously botched the origins of so many of the ex-Wildstorm characters...  Why couldn't we get the Grifter we saw in the Wildstorm U?  Or the same Voodoo?  I don't know...  Oh well, here's hoping we end up getting a WildCATS series sometime down the road, written by a big name writer.  And here's also hoping that when that time comes?  They ignore 90% of what went on in this series.  Good-bye Grifter.  Here's hoping they do right by you down the road...

Score:  6 1/2 out of 10.

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