Monday, January 7, 2013

American Vampire #34

Here's the final X review of the week.  Um, that's all of the intro I have for you guys...

American Vampire #34

Summary: This is a tough one to review, so I'm going to hit the broad strokes because, in plain English, I doubt anybody will even read this post.  This issue deals with Gene Bunting heading to the home of a retired Vassal named Abilena Book.  Gene is worried that some guy named the Gray Trader was coming to America, and was hoping Abilena could help validate his suspicions since she had been bitten by a snake creature that gives it's victims visions of the future(yes, really!).  Abilena doesn't want to help Gene because using her future sight "alerts others" so Gene goes to leave.  Before he goes though, Abilena tells Gene not to stop at a hotel that night(due to a vision she had).  With that, Gene leaves and Abilena heads to her basement where a vampire was apparently living.

Thoughts: Um...  Yeah...  This issue was kind of confusing...  I didn't know who Abilena was, I didn't know who Gene was, and I didn't know who the vampire(if it WAS a vampire ) in the basement was...  But that's the problem with this series, I guess.  It bounces around in time so much, and since I usually read like 60 comics between issues of this series, I tend forget most of what happened previously.  I'll remember the main storylines and characters, but bit players like Abilena end up getting lost on me.  That's one of the main reasons I wish DC would dedicate a page at the front of their comics like Marvel does, something that tells you what had happened in the previous issues, as well as who the characters in this issue are, and why I should care.  As it was, I only know a) the Gray Trader is a big time bad guy, and b) this series is going on a hiatus...  Which means that by the time issue #35 drops, I'll have forgotten...  Well, pretty much everything in this series...

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.
american vampire #34
Oh no!  It's Creepy Silhouette Man!!!

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  1. Showing up, all silhouette'd and whatnot...Classic Creepy Silhouette Man!