Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saga #9

I'm not sure if anybody around here is reading this series except for me, but I did say I was gonna review a ton of comics this week, therefore, I'll give this series a post.  Anyway, this series has been fantastic throughout, and is probably in my top ten when it comes to favorite books.  And now, the post.

Saga #9: 

Summary: This issue actually focuses completely on The Will, and not Marco, Alana and their family.  The Will is still trying to figure out how to get Slave Girl off of Sextillion, when he is approached by one of Marco's people, a woman named Gwendolyn.  Gwendolyn wants to know why The Will has ceased going after Marco, as her people were paying him to do, and he tells her that he was looking to kill Prince Robot IV for the death of his longtime partner, The Stalk.  Gwendolyn offers The Will information on Robot IV's whereabouts, so The Will demands some extra money so he could buy the freedom of Slave Girl.  Gwendolyn decides to try a different tactic to get Slave Girl off Sextillion, and calls the head of the world, Mama Sun, and tries to convince Mama Sun that Slave Girl was actually an runaway from Wreath.  And that if Mama Sun didn't quietly hand Slave Girl over, Gwendolyn would leak that the people of Landfill had been sleeping with a "dirty moonie".  With that, Sun agrees to send Slave Girl to a neutral world, and The Will and Gwendolyn head there.  However, they find Slave Girl surrounded by a mess of Sextillion guards, who know that Gwendolyn was lying and have no plans on releasing Slave Girl.  That leads to the obligatory fight scene, which ends with The Will and Gwendolyn triumphant, and Slave Girl rescued.  Later on, Gwendolyn admits that she used to be engaged to Marco, at which time Slave Girl interrupts by saying that Gwendolyn's necklace sounded sad because it wanted to be with a ring, since the necklace and ring were part of a set.  She also claims she could "hear" the ring.  And where is the ring?  With Marco.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this issue.  It was a good solid little look at The Will.  Besides giving us more insight into the type of person The Will is, we met Marco's ex-fiancee, Gwendolyn, who was determined to capture Marco on account of him leaving her and cavorting with the enemy and all.  While I would have preferred something(a page?  Maybe two?) dealing with Marco and company, this issue will leave me satisfied until issue #10 drops.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.


  1. SaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA!

    IS the best!

  2. Am I the only who loves Gwendolyn already? lol She definitely set her tone for the series lol. Well at least the next couple issues. I am anxious to see what will go down when she meets Marko and his wife, and baby. And especially when she finds out about those rings. I'm too excited for the next issue.

  3. I actually read this today, and I enjoyed it, especially since I really like The Will (who kinda reminds me of Jason) and The Lying Cat, just cause he's awesome. I was surprised how much I liked Gwendolyn, considering she's obviously the enemy, since I like Marco and Alana, but she was pretty likable here.

  4. HA! Well, I guess I'm NOT the only one reading and enjoying this series!

    I thought Gwendolyn was GREAT in this issue, Lisha! I think she'll be a great addition to the story, especially since she appears to have a real gripe with Marco.

    Good comparison with The Will=Jason, JT. Especially considering his feelings towards The Stalk and how hard he worked to free Slave Girl, you can see he's not just a gun for hire, he actually has some morals and feelings. That comparison fits really well. And I loved Gwendolyn asking how The Will hadn't killed Lying Cat yet and he was like, "I've tried..."

    But yeah, agreed all the way around, Gwendolyn should make the next few issues really interesting.

  5. It is one of my most looked forward to comics of the month. I think the only other one Batwoman, maybe anything drawn by Skottie Young (the Oz series currently).

    I am a couple of issues behind, so not actually read the review yet either, for fear of SPOILERS.

    Heh, spoilers.

  6. I sat down and read numbers 1 to 8 last weekend....LOVED IT! One of only two books on my pull list right now!