Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hawkeye #7

All right!  Here's one of my favorite comic characters in one of my favorite comic series!  Since I can't wait to dig into this once, I'm going to skip the intro and get right to the action!

Hawkeye #7

Summary: This issue looks at Hawkeye(Clint) and Hawkeye(Kate) and how they dealt with the events of that bastard hurricane/tropical storm Sandy.  Clint ends up helping a friend's father in Far Rockaway, who refused to leave his house before the storm came.  Luckily for Clint and company, they manage to survive due to a rowboat in the old man's attic.  Meanwhile, Kate heads to New Jersey for a wedding, but the fancy hotel she was in loses power and she's forced to head out to try to get some medication for a friend's mother.  She runs afoul some looters, but the neighborhood comes to her defense and the looters get arrested.  The two Hawkeyes meet up later to trade war stories and that's it for this one.

Thoughts: First things first, I grew up in Queens(Ozone Park, to be more specific), my family moved around a lot, but we were always in the Ozone Park/Jamaica area when I was a kid.  My first real job was in South Jamaica, which is right near Far Rockaway, so yeah, I knew all about the various Rockaways Clint and his buddy were talking about.  I've been to 'em all.  But enough about me, back to this story.  It was... well, it was only okay for me...  It never really interested me.  I didn't have any emotional attachment to Clint's friend, or Kate's wedding party...  So I wasn't really all that interested in their plights.  For me, this was a VERY rare miss for me with this series...

Score: 6 out of 10
hawkeye kate bishop
Blast it, foiled by a can of beans!

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