Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ultimate X-Men #21

One more review for the night(that's a lie!  There's actually another!!) and I've polished off 6 reviews in three nights...  Just like the good old days!  Anyway, we'll finish this week off with a review of Ultimate X-Men.

Ultimate X-Men #21

Summary: On Utopia, Kitty Pryde(with the backing of Tony Stark) meets the press and says the the mutant nation was giving the world the seed they had created, a seed that would grow anywhere, regardless of the environment   Needless to say, a lot of the media is dubious of Kitty and her so-called mutant seed.  Some of Kitty's own people are also angry with her, as they resent being stuck on Utopia and don't like Kitty's olive branch to humanity.  Later on, a group of mercenaries attack Utopia, but the mercs are taken down pretty easily since Tony was still there and had his Iron Patriot armor with him.  Kitty demands answers from the mercs, and when they won't talk, Jimmy threatens to start popping claws into heads.  That makes Kitty freak out and start screaming at Jimmy(the hell!?) about how they had to be peaceful.  Jimmy asks what they were supposed to do when they were being attacked by guys with guns, so Iron Patriot strolls over and tells them that they couldn't be completely pacifist  nor could they run around attacking everybody.  Um, thanks Tony...  And THAT ends this issue.

Thoughts: What the hell was with Tony and his bizarre pep-talk !  "Now you can't be completely peaceful...  But you can't be warlike..."  Thanks for that sage advice, Tony...  The weird ending notwithstanding, this issue wasn't all that bad.  I enjoyed the middle of this book with Mach Two continuing to plot against Kitty, and was interested to see Jean monitoring the situation in Tian.  I will say this, I don't get what Mach Two wanted to do here...  I mean, I hate Kitty as much as ANYBODY, but Mach Two's plan seemed to be, "We'll attack the humans."  There are like what, 20 mutants living in Utopia?  What are they going to attack? A small town?  A large supermarket?  But hey, she hates Kitty which makes her alright in my book!  Other than Mach Two though, this current mutant seed storyline really isn't doing it for me...  Here's hoping we go somewhere else pretty soon.

Score: 6 out of 10.
ultimate x-men #21
Can't we all just get along?!?

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