Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Invincible #99

Hey guys and gals, JT here with what will be a VERY quick review, as this issue was... like ALL full page panels... It was like when you look at one of those comicbooks that are just books of covers, so... yeah, let's get to it.

Invincible #99

Summary: Things start off with Dinosaurus explaining that not everyone will die, he did this to thin out the herd so to speak. Invincible is pissed because he stood up for him and now he'll never be able to live this down, as well as all of the deaths because of him. The two engage in a brutal fight, beating the crap out of one another as we see Robot and the Guardians of the Globe going around and saving everyone they can. We also see the Viltrumites on a space ship as Thragg tells them not to interfere and save people, even the humans they care about or they'll have to answer to him, since he doesn't want the Earthlings aware that they are on the planet. Back with Mark and Dinosaurus, they continue to fight with Dinosaurus saying Mark has never been able to beat him, and if he wants him to kill him so he doesn't have to live with the title of failed hero, he will. The issue comes to a close asa nearby helicopter tapes Dinosaurus as he squeezes Mark's head with both of his hands, trying to kill Invincible.
Thoughts: I get why they did splash pages, to cover up the fact that nothing really happened here. I stretched the summary out a bit but this could've easily been summed up as, "Mark and Dinosaurus fight while the Guardians of the Globe save people, Dinosaurus tries to kill Mark as the issue ends." This was more filler to get us to issue #100, and while this issue wasn't bad, I'm not into this series as much as I used to, it's like it lost it's luster after the Viltrumite War, and sadly issue #100 may be my last issue unless it completely blows me away. As for this, it was more filler than anything, so I'll give it a middle of the road score.

Score: 6/10

Invincible: I thought we could save the world. Instead you've made me your accomplice in destroying it!

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