Monday, March 30, 2009

When you just have to post something...

Whew, I just finished typing a 7-page history paper on the year 1968(don't ask)and checked out the blogs I follow for any new content. Every night I always check out the blogs I follow before I even check my own blog out for any new comments. That's probably my favorite thing about this whole "blogging" experience, finding you few like-minded individuals who are willing to dedicate an inordinate amount of time talking about comic books! Anyway, it's getting pretty late and I've got to be up early tomorrow, so I figured I'd just take a random picture from my computer and post it with little to no explanation. For the record, I've scanned 851 pics to my computer so far. Using's random number generator, I'll be posting picture #359!
Hell, with Roy Harper, there was like a 50% chance I'd have gotten a picture of him making out with some woman! That dude must have swapped spit(among other things...)with like half the women in the DCU!


  1. 851 pics! That's a lot of scanning, X.

    By the way, I love, love, LOVE this image of Roy & The Huntress. The way she's drawn holding his head and the way her upper body bends into his is extremely sexy. Very realistic. Nice find!

  2. Sadly, scanning that many pics just shows my lack of a life! This pic came from one of the Outsiders comics(can't remember which one)written by Judd Winick. I can remember there being a kind of funny exchange between Huntress, Roy and Nightwing before and after that kiss. Those Outsiders comics were pretty good before that "One Year Later" event...

  3. "scanning that many pics just shows my lack of a life"

    Don't think of it that way. The seconds it takes you to scan an image and post it, will be echoed throughout the interwebs forever!

    Think of yourself as an art liberator and archivist. Because you are.

    If not for the scanning and posting, the passing beauty which is the modern, here-today-gone-tomorrow monthly floppy comic book, would be lost or restricted to a single frame lost in a trade paperback.

  4. Wow Yedna, that was beautiful put! If you aren't a motivational speaker or something you should be! Thanks to your kind words, I shall now and forever consider myself an art liberator(which, btw is a really cool term that I fully intend on using from now on!).

    Hell, your words have me so fired up, I want to go scan another 850 pics right now!

  5. LOL! Right on.

    BTW, thanks for the compliment, but I'd never dare try to be a motivational speaker. I'd have a real problem with telling someone how to live their life.