Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Comic Day!

So, what did the mailman deliver to me today, you ask? Well, even if you didn't ask, I'm going to share what I've got anyway!

Green Lantern #38- I'm still not quite up to date with this series, I have about 10 GL comics to read before I can get to this one.

Avengers: The Initiative #22- Maybe the best Avengers title on the market today. I'm looking forward to reading this one.

Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #5(of 5)- Now that I've got all 5 issues of this mini, I can give this a read. Even though I don't read the main Ghost Rider comic anymore(I couldn't stomach the idea that Johnny Blaze was actually an angel... I mean COME ON!)I've been a fan of the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider for almost as long as I've been collecting comics. I figure this mini will be a real letdown, but the 12 year old inside of me really wanted to re-live the Ghost Rider glory days of my youth.

Justice Society of America #24- Black Adam! The JSA! Geoff Johns!! What more do I have to say? This book will be near the top of my comic pile.

Mighty Avengers #22- I was kind of hard on Dan Slott last issue, so hopefully this issue improves a little on the last issue. I like the team, I like the overall story, but whenever I see Amadeus Cho, I see red, and I begin to hate this comic. Please Dan, drop a house on that damn kid or something!

Nova #22- One of my very favorite Marvel comic books. If you like Green Lantern, you should really give this comic a look. Hell, if you like well written comic books, you should give this comic a look!

Reign in Hell #8(of 8)- I haven't read a single issue of this mini-series, since I've been waiting for it to conclude. Now that I finally have all 8 parts, one of these days, I'll give this mini a read.

She-Hulk #38- This is the final issue of this series... I have to admit I have some very mixed feelings about the conclusion of this series. On one hand, Dan Slott's early work on this series was just stupendous, and last issue was probably the best one Peter David has written for this series. On the other hand, Peter just never really hooked me on this book like Dan managed to. Don't get me wrong, in my humble opinion, Peter David is one of the GREATEST comic book writers of all-time, but Peter just never managed to find his groove with this book. Oh well, I'm sure in a few months time, Marvel will have a new She-Hulk series on the market.

Superman #685- This is the first issue of "Superman" I've ever brought. The main reason I picked this one up is the fact that James Robinson is the writer, and after "Starman", I'm willing to read anything James puts out.

Teen Titans #68- God do I wish Geoff Johns was still writing this comic book! Don't get me wrong, I like most of Sean McKeever's work(I LOVED Gravity, Sentinel and Mystique), but I've really hated his work on this comic book series. Now, a lot of it isn't his fault, DC took Superboy, Kid Flash and Robin off of this team for various reasons, but this current team is just unbearable! With the exception of Wonder Girl, I really don't care for anyone else on the team.

Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? #1- It's the first "Battle for the Cowl" comic, so there was no way I wasn't getting this one.

New Avengers: The Reunion #1- On the bright side, LORD BENDIS isn't the writer, some guy named Jim McCann is... Off the top of my head, I can't recall anything written by Jim McCann. Well, this issue deals with two of my all-time favorite Avengers, Clint Barton(Hawkeye, Ronin)and Mockingbird, so I have pretty high hopes for this one. Hopefully, Mr. McCann can meet those hopes.

Secret Six #7- I think this is FINALLY the end of the Junior/Get Out of Hell free card storyline. I'm really looking forward to this storyline ending, because I know Gail Simone can do a much better job than this. The big reveal at the end of the last issue concerning the Mad Hatter, makes me not even want to open this comic up! I really hate the Mad Hatter!

Terror Titans #6(of 6)- This is another one of those mini-series that I've been collecting, but not reading. Now that I have all 6 issues, once again, I'll eventually give this entire mini a read.

War of Kings #1(of 6)- Oh baby!!! This mini-series has me excited like no Marvel crossover since House of M! An all out, intergalactic war between the Shi'ar, led by Cyclops and Havok's insane brother Vulcan and the Kree, led by the super pissed off Black Bolt and the Inhumans. Throw in Blastaar, Nova, Darkhawk, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and you have a comic event not to be missed! I can't stress enough just how much Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have improved the intergalactic aspect of the Marvel Universe. I'm telling you, this series is a must read!

And finally, last, but certainly not least, the new Watchmen Hardcover- This is the definitive Watchmen collection. The price was kind of lofty($32!), but if this series is even close to the hype, it should be well worth the cover price. I'm dying to start reading this hardcover, but I'm going to try to hold off until I at least read most of the new comics that have arrived today... That's not going to be easy, because I'm really dying to give this book a read.

And that's it. Those are the comics I'll be reading and posting about over the course of this upcoming week. As always, questions and comments are appreciated. So long for now, I've got a lot of reading ahead of me!


  1. If you really want to whet your whistle for some Superman stuff, pick up the last 12 or so issues of Action where Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have done some amazing story-arcs. Their first one ties in directly with the Legion of 3 Worlds book. It really is fantastic.

  2. You know, I'd really wanted to read Superman's comic while Geoff was the writer, but I was never quite sure when to jump on. When Geoff really gets rolling, some of his storyarcs are really pretty long and engrossing, which makes choosing a spot to jump in kind of difficult.

    I figure hopefully, I can pick up Geoff's Superman run off of eBay or someplace like that.

  3. Geoff's work on Action was best from about issue #858 up to #870. After that it's pretty recent and into the New Krypton story-line. #858 - #864 is really good though because it's about the Legion. That's where we meet the future JLA (the one made up of Legion rejects) and Earth-Man.

  4. Being a huge fan of Geoff's work, once the oppurtunity presents itself, I'm defiintely going to see if I can find his entire run on the Superman books.

    If not, I've got my eye on a hardcover collection of the Superman/Legion issues you've mentioned. With you giving those issues such high praise, I'm mighty tempted to pick that one up.